Xiaomi launches Mi Band 6 in collector's edition that brings together all Mi Band

    The Xiaomi Mi Band is the most successful smart bracelet in the world, being the most sold in the last four years. This smart band has fans all over the world, who have been buying the various models or have been happy with one they have used for a long time.

    For true fans of this gadget, Xiaomi has now launched a special collector's edition. This has the new Mi Band 6, as well as the successive generations that preceded it.

    Collector's edition of Xiaomi Mi Band 6. Via: Xiaomi Addicts

    This box has no less than six smart bracelets. It tells a story that started in 2014 with Mi Band 1. Remember that the original model of the smartband did not even have a screen. This arrived, however, with the characteristics that we know so well of monitoring steps, heartbeat or sleep. In between, there was also the Mi Band 1S, which does not appear in this package.

    This was followed by Mi Band 2 (2016), which was the first with a screen that presented the basics. Mi Band 3 (2018) was an interesting leap, since it brought a screen with more brightness, quality and information.

    Collector's edition of Xiaomi Mi Band 6. Via: Xiaomi Addicts
    Collector's edition of Xiaomi Mi Band 6. Via: Xiaomi Addicts

    The Mi Band 4 (2019) stands out among the other models for being the first to offer a color screen. The Mi Band 5 (2020) was a good addition to this, offering a larger panel and the desired magnetic loading.

    As of this Monday, the Mi Band 6 was available in pre-order, which stands out for offering a full-screen experience. Inside, it has a SpO2 sensor and 30 training modes for the first time.

    Mi Band 6 in Mi Store Portugal stores – from 44,99 €
    Mi Band 6 na loja Amazon.ES – from € 44.90

    This special collector's edition has an exclusive sale in China. We hope to soon be able to see it on sale globally so that fans hardcore to acquire it. Even if it is to do so on platforms such as AliExpress.

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