Xbox: You will finally see your achievements and rankings on the app

    Xbox announces many new features for the user experience. The companion app finally sees the achievements and rankings of your games appear. And if you run out of inspiration for your next session, the Game Pass becomes more relevant in its recommendations.

    The news never stops at Xbox. After announcing the launch of xCloud on PC, iPhone and iPad this Tuesday and promised lots of news very soon by the voice of his boss Phil Spencer, the American manufacturer continues to fire everything.

    And it's a salvo of new features for Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox mobile app that was unveiled in the wake to improve the experience for gamers.

    Achievements and Leaderboards on the Xbox app

    Eager to think about its gaming experience in multi-media, the American manufacturer therefore does not forget its mobile application, one of the essential aspects, according to him, for the player. It is also for this reason that he promised a certain consistency between the console, PC and application interfaces.

    Achievements finally appear on the Xbox app

    The successes finally appear on the Xbox app // Source: Frandroid

    The Xbox app is therefore refined a little more, on iOS and Android. She is enriched by the Successes that will appear there, as well as monthly rankings to better compare her performances with those of her friends. You just have to go to the page of the game you own.

    The deployment is underway and is being done gradually for all users.

    Game Pass improves recommendations and play with friends

    The strength of Xbox Game Pass, it is its vast catalog more and more supplied. To the point that it sometimes becomes difficult to find happiness in the face of so many choices. To make your quest easier, the Game Pass adds new recommendations. They will now be classified according to the last titles you played or by categories (multiplayer, horror, fantasy, mystery, FPS, sandbox…). A way to find each other better and to discover titles that suit you more quickly.

    Eager to increase its workforce, the subscription games service also thinks of players who want to play with their friends. And a category Play with your friends will appear among the new recommendations. If one or more of your friends is playing on a Game Pass title that can be collaborative or multiplayer, their name will appear and you can then join a multiplayer session directly. Or just download the game and install it.

    Speed ​​up downloading a game

    In this age of digital and subscription games, your console spends a lot of time spinning to download new titles. Sometimes even while you are playing. A new function will appear in the section My Games & Applications. It will speed up the downloading of games by telling you which title running in the background slows down the installation. You can then choose to free up bandwidth to get better download speed.

    If your title benefits from the function Quick Resume, it will then be much easier to resume your game where you left off. Note that Xbox has also announced serious improvements for this Quick Resume feature which was one of the advanced strengths of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but has yet to show its full potential.

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