WhatsApp: you will soon be able to read voice messages thanks to a transcription function

    WhatsApp just added end-to-end encryption support for chat backups and it looks like the company is now considering offering a voice message transcription feature. This feature is currently under development and has been spotted by WaBetaInfo.

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    According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a new transcription of voice messages that will be done entirely on the user's device, so that WhatsApp and Facebook will not be able to access these messages. However, since the message will not be associated with a unique identifier, privacy could be improved in future updates.

    This will be particularly useful for those who do not like or cannot listen to long audio messages on the application, since WhatsApp will now be able to turn these messages into text for you to read.

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    How will the voicemail transcription function work?

    The functionality, when available, will be offered as an option. Users will need to give WhatsApp access to their device's voice recognition technology when they want to transcribe a voice message. This permission will be quite similar to the camera and microphone permissions that users give to WhatsApp.

    Shortly after announcing that WhatsApp will not force you to agree to its new privacy policy, WABetaInfo has more good news for users who value their privacy. Indeed, these voice transcriptions will not be directly linked to your identity. Rather, they will be linked to a random anonymous identifier.. This is very similar to how certain data, such as interactions with smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, is used by these companies to improve their intelligent assistants based on artificial intelligence.

    As the feature has yet to be announced, we can't be sure WhatsApp will roll it out for all users. However, previous WABetaInfo leaks have proven that one can generally expect that all features spotted in this way will one day or another be available to everyone.

    WhatsApp Transcription
    Credit: WABetaInfo

    Source : WABetaInfo

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