WhatsApp will stop spoiling your videos! Look

    It has happened to me and it has certainly happened to many people reading this article. Although WhatsApp is an excellent application to communicate, sometimes it doesn't behave so well when sharing images or videos. This is because it ends up compressing them and the quality for the person receiving them is far from the original. So, it seems that it is the cameras on our smartphone that don't photograph anything at all. Don't worry though, as this will change. That way WhatsApp will stop spoiling our videos.

    WhatsApp will stop spoiling your videos! Look

    In fact, the issue of quality reduction will be resolved very soon. Is that according to the website WABetaInfo, O Facebook is working on a new function that will improve the quality giving the user power of choice.

    whatsapp videos spoil

    WhatsApp recently submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta program. In the version that has now reached, the WaBetaInfo website managed to find a new function called video upload quality. As the name suggests, it allows you to choose between several options when we send a video through the platform.

    As you can see yourself in the screenshot, there are three options available to choose from. Auto, better quality and data saving. Of all of them, WhatsApp recommends choosing the auto option.

    In Auto the video is compressed according to the algorithm. In the best quality WhatsApp will try to reduce the quality to a minimum. At Data Saver, WhatsApp will worry more about safeguarding your data.

    Remember that this box will only appear when sharing videos on the platform. However, it is not known if this option will also appear in the images. However it would make perfect sense for this to happen.

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