WhatsApp bug for Android is annoying users

    O WhatsApp is among the most downloaded applications ever, and oddly enough it continues to gain users, despite sharing some data with the Facebook (its parent company). One of the most anticipated features of the application was recently confirmed by Mark Zuckeberg and Will Cathcart: WhatsApp will soon work on four other devices at the same time. While we wait for support for multiple devices, and unlike other messaging services, WhatsApp currently allows you to register only one phone number per account. This basically means that when you log into your WhatsApp account on another phone using that number, you are logged out of the application on your current device.

    Even so, some users of WhatsApp for Android face an annoying situation as they are disconnected from the messaging application without any reason. When this happens, they receive the message:

    “Your phone number is no longer registered on WhatsApp on this phone. It could be because you stored it on another phone. If you haven't, please check your phone number to reconnect to your account.”

    Bug in WhatsApp for Android is turning users off

    According to the staff at WaBetaInfo, a portal that tracks updates and developments related to WhatsApp, this problem is believed to be due to a bug in the instant messaging application and there is no reason to worry.

    “Sand was recently disconnected from WhatsApp, on WhatsApp for Android, don't worry – it's a bug. You can reconnect to WhatsApp“, we can read in the WaBetaInfo tweet. They specify that there is no need to change the password or take other security measures.

    It is important to note that WABetaInfo specifically states that this bug affects WhatsApp for Android, and the iOS version is not affected. If you have already been unexpectedly disconnected from WhatsApp on your iPhone, we recommend that you change your password.

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