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    About 20 years ago, choosing a cell phone was a relatively simple task. It was enough to find one that is within our budget, we like the visuals and has the coolest ringtone. Today it is not so easy, because modern smartphones are almost real computers that offer great possibilities, but they differ in a huge number of features: performance, battery, display, memory capacity, camera, etc. finding the right device can be quite difficult. That is why this guide was created, presenting the most attractive choices in various price ranges, covering the entire cross-section of the market, from the budget shelf to the premium segment.

    Author: Marcin Karbowiak

    Experience shows that the question of choosing a smartphone is not so trivial. Despite the commonly held stereotype that individual models are practically the same and even the cheapest ones are able to offer everything that the user may need for happiness, people less familiar with the subject of new technologies have a problem with finding themselves in the maze of technicalities and , not always useful functions. It is with such recipients in mind that the following publication has been prepared, which we hope will help you choose the right model depending on your budget. I encourage more advanced people to use it in order to easily organize their knowledge about the most interesting devices in different price ranges.

    You don't know which phone or smartphone to choose? This guide will help you choose the right model depending on your budget. This time, we present phones and smartphones worth attention in July and August 2021.

    What smartphone to buy?  Recommended smartphones for July and August 2021. Devices for every budget, in every price range [nc1]

    Regardless of whether we are thinking about multimedia applications or we want to use a smartphone for work, it must meet roughly the same requirements. For this reason, unlike the list of recommended laptops, the only division criterion is the price. From each threshold, we indicate 3 devices which, in our opinion, constitute the most profitable choice in a given segment. They will not always be the most efficient or the newest models, but they guarantee the highest possible, in our opinion, comfort of work, trouble-free operation and a balanced specification. This time, we have prepared a list of recommended smartphones on the PurePC website based on the offers of trusted Polish stores that are listed in the search engine.

    The structure of the guide is very clear – in individual price ranges you will find three or four suggestions, in our opinion the best, and what is equally important – available from a certain source. Of course, we only recommend brand new equipment, completely ignoring the aftermarket, which is governed by its own laws. Each phone or smartphone also received a detailed specification, commentary and price valid on the date of publication of the article. Just click on the given amount to go directly to the store's offer. If the device has been tested on our pages, we also provide a link to the publication. Ultimately, the guide is updated in a two-month cycle.

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