Want to switch from iPhone to Android? Google will have the ideal solution

    It is often said that switching from one iPhone to another is quite simple, which is normal since we are in the same ecosystem as Apple. Even switching between Android smartphones isn't exactly a complicated task.

    When it comes to switching from an Android device to an iPhone, the task can be made easier thanks to the “Move to iOS” app available on the Google Play Store. So far there is no viable alternative to doing it the other way around, and Google will be working on it.

    Google is developing an app called “Switch for Android”

    9to5Google advances, that Google will be developing a new app for iOS. The name “Switch for Android” is not misleading, and should give the possibility to transfer your most important data from iPhone to a new Android device.

    The source will have analyzed the latest version of the “Data Restore Tool”, from Android. And there are mentions of an app for iOS called “Switch to Android”, and the steps to take so that everything is done without complications.

    Switching from iPhone to Android promises to be easier with this app from Google

    It's good to remember that the “Move to iOS” app has been on the Google Play Store for about five years. Which means that Google took too long to find a viable alternative, which seems to be finally being developed.

    If it is to be expected that there are daily users transitioning from Android to iPhone, the opposite is also true. And as we all want to transfer our data without complications when we change equipment, these types of applications are more than welcome.

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