ViewSonic M2e smart portable projector

    ViewSonic may not be the best-known projector manufacturer, but I know it is capable of some of the most pleasant surprises. It is true that there are differences from heaven to earth between the 4K projector tested in the last days of 2019 and today, but I admit that I was optimistic from the beginning when I started the ViewSonic M2e analysis.

    Specifications ViewSonic M2e smart portable projector

    • Projection system – DLP RGBB LED;
    • Resolution – native 1920 x 1080 pixels;
    • Colors displayed – 1.07 billion;
    • Brightness – up to 1,000 LED Lumens;
    • Dynamic contrast – 3,000,000: 1;
    • Lamp life – 30,000 hours in Normal mode;
    • Diagonal – maximum 100 inches (254 cm);
    • Conectivitate: 1 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x USB Type-C 3.1, 1 x USB Type-A 2.0, 1 x jack audio de 3.5 mm (Audio Out), card reader microSD, Wi-Fi 2.4 și 5 GHz, Bluetooth 4.2, receiver IR (frontal și sus);
    • Sunet: 2 x 3W;
    • Typical consumption – 75W;
    • Dimensiuni: 184 x 184 x 54 mm;
    • Weight: 1 kg.


    The projector reached me in the retail box, where I also found a carrying case, a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable, the power adapter with two cables, one for EU outlets, the other for the UK, remote control with compatible batteries and a small quick start guide.

    The carrying case is made of textile material, is gray in color, can receive a shoulder strap and has an outer pocket where you can put the power adapter, remote control and other small accessories. The area where the projector enters is fixed for this space, so the ViewSonic M2e will not move inside the cover.

    The projector is a portable one, so the small size was a priority from the very beginning on the design side. This does not mean that there are no elements meant to create a pleasant, modern, and functional look at the same time.

    As seen from above, the projector is displayed as a square with sharply rounded corners. The upper area is covered with white plastic, which is protected at the factory with a transparent foil, which leads me to believe that this glossy plastic will catch small scratches quite easily.

    Although it may seem that the sides are made of metal, of some aluminum alloy, in fact here it is also plastic, as it is on the outside of the projector.

    On the left side is the name of the company that helped regulate the sound – Harman / Kardon, while on the opposite side is a ventilation grille.

    On the face, you can see the area of ​​the projection lens, with the IR receiver and other sensors next to it, including the autofocus.

    The back is mostly occupied by the connectivity area, where the only button on the projector is arranged, the Power one.

    The bottom area has three round rubber feet, each of which can be unscrewed. This way you can adjust the inclination, but if the feet are completely unscrewed here appear the three “nuts” M4 X 8 mm in which ceiling support can be attached, for example.

    Also on the bottom area is a tripod screw, somewhere in the center, and a folding element that allows you to adjust the inclination over a sufficient distance.

    ViewSonic M2e is solidly built, I did not think it would have deficiencies in this direction. The different types of plastic on the outside are of good quality, and the detail finishes leave no room for negative comments.

    The remote control is the only way to interact with the functions of the ViewSonic M2e projector. In fact, if you connect a smartphone or a tablet, it is true that you can make certain settings directly from these devices, but until you get there you definitely need a remote control.

    It is small in size but offers enough buttons to navigate the interface without much trouble and there are also buttons for the most used functions.


    If I were to summarize in one word the image offered by ViewSonic M2e, then it would certainly be “surprising”. Since we're talking about a portable projector, you can't help but be amazed at how ViewSonic M2e displays images.

    The brightness in the datasheet, of 1000 LED Lumens, proves to be sufficient if there is not plenty of ambient light in the projection room. With the blinds or curtains drawn, in broad daylight you have no problems with legibility, on the contrary, everything appears at a satisfactory quality at least. Contrast and color saturation may not be the best in such a scenario, but you certainly can't complain.

    In a room with little ambient light, you get the best quality image. Keep in mind that we are talking about a portable projector, with dimensions smaller than 20 centimeters on the sides and with a thickness of just over 5 centimeters. So, if we understand this aspect, then we can not complain about almost anything.

    The contrast is high enough, even if the black is only a dark gray. The colors, on the other hand, are vivid, with an impressive saturation. The dynamic range is not the widest, but I wouldn't say it's a big deal here.

    The Full HD resolution is not only sufficient, it even manages to fine-tune every detail up to a diagonal of about 1.5 meters. Above that, the image is softer, but even at 2 meters diagonal I did not feel that the resolution would be too low.

    Speaking of diagonals, I noticed that the diagonal has almost the same value as the projection distance. That is: at about one meter away from the projection surface, the diagonal is about 97 centimeters, at 1.5 meters away we have about 1.42 meters diagonal and so on

    I liked that the autofocus system works perfectly, the highlighting is done automatically in just about 2 seconds. The same goes for the automatic keystone adjustment, which allows adjustments of up to 40 degrees both vertically and horizontally. This means that no matter how oblique the projection angle is, the image will be adjusted accordingly in a perfect rectangle.

    ViewSonic M2e is a portable projector that impresses with its image quality. For his size, I could not blame him much here. It handles excellently with business or educational projections, but also with multimedia content, it's still there.

    What I would like to remember and point out here is the LED light source that has an extended lifespan of up to 30,000 hours in Normal viewing mode.


    There are two speakers integrated with the ViewSonic M2e, each with a maximum power of 3W. I often say that the power of the speakers in the datasheet does not correspond to what you are actually experiencing, only now I have no reason to make such statements.

    ViewSonic M2e impresses with the maximum volume of the speakers, but also with the quality. The sound may not be the fullest, with a lot of deep basses, but it has enough dynamics to create a pleasant atmosphere with a movie or some videos on YouTube.

    The two speakers scatter sound waves in all directions, I would say that the 360-degree effect is at least a successful one.

    The Harman / Kardon-sounding sound deserves to be considered one of the pluses of the ViewSonic M2e projector.


    ViewSonic M2e smart portable projector interface

    We closed the previous chapter talking about pluses and we continue the next one in the same note. ViewSonic M2e is not just a simple portable projector, but a smart one. This means that it can be used without the need for any playback source because it runs a heavily modified, simplified version of Android.

    The interface can be navigated without major problems only from the remote control from the initial settings. Then everything is even simpler.

    Operating system interface running on the ViewSonic M2e projector:

    As you can see from the images above, certain applications from the Aptoide store can be installed on ViewSonic M2e. Unfortunately, there is no access to the official Google Play Store, but for what ViewSonic M2e is, I don't think more is needed.

    You can install Netflix, YouTube and many other streaming services without any hassle, even if not all of them always run as they should. Sometimes applications crash suddenly or give certain errors, including account login errors or simply crashing. Such behaviors are not uncommon.


    ViewSonic M2e smart portable projector

    Here again, we are on the plus side with ViewSonic M2e. In addition to the physical ports, we listed in the specifications chapter, ViewSonic M2e also brings wireless connectivity via dual-band Wi-Fi, on 2.4 and 5 GHz. We also have Bluetooth 4.2 that works in two ways, so to speak – you can use the projector as a wireless speaker when it takes data from a player, or it can send data to a Bluetooth speaker. I find both scenarios very useful.

    At the same time, via Wi-Fi, you can project via ViewSonic M2e the content displayed on the screen of a mobile device.


    ViewSonic M2e smart portable projector – I did not find it listed in our online stores in the country. Recommended price on the site is $ 628.


    ViewSonic M2e smart portable projector

    ViewSonic M2e is a smart portable projector that has a lot of pluses on its side and only a few small drawbacks. How high is the demand for such products, I do not know exactly, but if you are looking for such a gadget I can recommend one without reservation.

    The most important pros and cons for the ViewSonic M2e smart portable projector:


    • good quality image, especially in terms of size and weight;
    • good quality sound;
    • simple and easy to navigate smart interface, which offers enough possibilities;
    • extended connectivity;
    • solid construction with good quality materials and finishes.


    • interface navigation and control of any function of the projector can only be done from the remote control, there are no buttons directly on the device;
    • applications that can be installed through the Aptoide store do not run best, may fail or sometimes do not respond.

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