Videoland not working? 6 tips to quickly look further

    Does Videoland not work? That's tricky, but you can probably solve the problem yourself. Android Planet helps you on your way with six practical tips for Videoland problems.

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    Videoland not working? 6 possible solutions

    You can solve most technical problems yourself quite easily, and that kite (fortunately) also goes up if Videoland does not work. Tap the links below to go directly to that section. You can of course also follow the entire step-by-step plan.

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    1. Check your internet connection

    Videoland works on almost all mobile devices, provided you have an active internet connection. The first possible solution to your Videoland problem is therefore obvious: check your internet connection.

    For example, start up your computer or laptop browser and go to any website, or try watching a video on YouTube. Is this going without any problems? Then there is nothing wrong with your connection, but the problem lies elsewhere.

    2. Does Videoland have a malfunction?

    Solution two is also obvious: check whether Videoland has a malfunction. The streaming service generally works like a charm, but a technical problem can happen to even the best. In other words, Videoland is also sometimes ‘down'. Via the website is AlleStoringen you can check whether the website and app are actually down.

    3. Write down the error code

    Do you see a specific error code on the screen while playing your favorite movie or series? This is of course annoying, but also very useful.

    Videoland works with error codes that indicate that you are suffering from a specific problem. You can find the solution by searching for the error code in combination with the word Videoland, such as “1007 Videoland”.

    Common error codes with Videoland are 1007, 1008 and 1009. These messages indicate that there is a problem when starting movies and series on Android phones.

    Are you experiencing this problem? First remove the Videoland app on your smartphone, then switch off the device and only restart it after 90 seconds. Then you can install the app again and try again.

    If this doesn't work, you may be able to solve the Videoland problem by clearing your smartphone's cache. We explain why you would want this and how it works exactly in the article below.

    Also read: Tip: Why and how to clear your Android phone's cache

    video land not working 3

    4. Videoland does not work on smart TV

    Videoland does not work on your smart TV from Samsung, Sony, LG or another brand? First try to unplug the power cord, wait a minute and then try again.

    It is also worth updating the software version of your smart TV. It differs per brand and model how you do this exactly, but often you have to dive into the settings. Next, you'll probably see something along the lines of “Software,” “Update,” or “Software Patches.”

    Still no success? Then try to connect your smart TV directly to your modem by cable, instead of WiFi (wireless). This solution sometimes works when you have many wireless devices at home, such as a smart speaker, thermostat and doorbell.

    chromecast tips highlighted

    5. Videoland does not work on Chromecast

    Can't watch Videoland through you Chromecast? Then it is a matter of trying to find the solution. Step one is to uninstall and reinstall the Videoland app on your (Android) smartphone.

    Is the image blocky? Then it probably depends on the quality of your internet connection. Try to disconnect other wireless devices to minimize the load on your Wi-Fi wireless network.

    Also handy: check whether the time settings of your phone and Chromecast are the same. For this you have to dive into the Home app on your (Android) smartphone and look at settings. If both devices have different time zones, this can sometimes cause problems.

    6. Your last resort

    If Videoland still doesn't work, it's best contact customer service. There can be dozens of reasons why the app does not work (properly) and they have the specific knowledge to help you further.

    Be as careful as possible when you contact us. So make sure you have a specific description of the problem ready. For example, indicate on which device you are experiencing problems (smart TV, telephone or Chromecast), tell which version of the app you are using, what your IP address is and so on.


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