(VIDEO) They create a disturbing web camera that looks like a human eye that blinks and follows the user with its gaze

They create a disturbing web camera that looks like a human eye that blinks and follows the user with its gaze

French researcher Marc Teyssier created an unusual webcam that is shaped like a human eye and tracks user movements, the developer reports on his website.

Attached to the front of the computer monitor, the Eyecam looks left and right and even blinks while tracking the faces of participants in a video call. Its appearance, of a disturbing realism, reproduces the wrinkles of the skin, the individual hairs that make up the eyebrows and the red veins in the white part of the eye.

Its design is modeled after human physiology and is made up of three main parts: the skin layer, the musculoskeletal system, and the eyeball. A small camera installed inside the pupil captures images in high resolution.

According to its creator, the eyelids dynamically adapt to the movements of the eyeball. “When Eyecam looks up, the upper eyelid opens wide while the lower eyelid closes completely,” Teyssier said. “Eyecam can be autonomous and react by itself to external stimuli, such as the presence of people in front of the camera,” he added.

“While web cameras share the same purpose as the human eye – see – they are not expressive, they do not convey affectivity like human eyes do. Through our gaze, we can perceive happiness, anger, boredom or fatigue ”, explained the expert. “Eyecam brings the affective aspects of the eye back into the camera,” he noted.

The developer states that the purpose of the project is to reflect on the past, present and future of technology in a world in which we live surrounded by sensors, surveillance cameras, smart speakers and other increasingly invisible technologies. “This anthropomorphic camera emphasizes the potential risks of obscuring current device functions and challenges the design of conventional devices,” Teyssier concludes.

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