Upcoming sports competitions with Neo QLED TVs

    The TV is without a doubt the central point of every modern home, especially during big sports competitions. And as we get closer, it's time to choose the best TV of the right size, so that you don't miss a single important moment.

    Cheer up from the stands from your home

    When you choose TV you have to be realistic, because as much as you like the idea of ​​“bigger is better”, you also have to consider the size of your room. The goal is to choose the largest possible TV, considering the viewing angle, which should occupy 40% of the field of view. Also, the distance between the armchair and the TV should be taken into account. Right Samsung Neo QLED TVs come with big screens in amazing 4K and 8K resolution, which will give you the feeling that you are in the stands live.

    Don't miss any details of the match

    The latest models of Neo QLED TVs reveal hidden details and color contrast so that no detail is lost at any level of brightness, and the colors are flawless. Thanks to Quantum Dot technology which analyzes the amount of light on the stage and optimizes the colors on the screen, you can be sure that you will not miss a single moment while cheering on your team. It is this feature that allows you to adjust the image on the TV to your environment.

    It takes care of even more advanced visual details and a more realistic display As for 8K neon Procesor driven by artificial intelligence. The innovative Neo Quantum processor optimizes the display by adapting to the sporty content on the screen, for a flawless and smooth image of high stability. In addition, the new Neo QLED TV models are adorned with a billion precise shades, and one hundred percent color volume, which with the help of Quantum Dot technology allows you to experience the world in all its colors from the comfort of your own home. Excellent image brightness will ensure watching sports content throughout the day, regardless of the level of lighting in the surroundings. Sports moments are always full of adrenaline and speed, which is why you will always have the smoothest possible transmission of the most important parts of the game, thanks to a refreshing rate of 120 Hz.

    And so that the eyes do not become heavy and tired, there it is „Eye Care“ certificate which has Neo QLED TVs. It refers not only to the excellent image quality but also to the users' care because it is safe and gentle for the human eye.

    Enjoy the sounds of celebration after your team’s goals

    The noise inside or outside the home is not a problem if you are watching a Neo QLED TV during passionate cheering. With the help of automatically optimized sound that adapts to space, you can hear the flawless sound, even when someone in the house is vacuuming or cars are blowing on the street. SpaceFit sound technology analyzes the environment, to automatically adjust the TV sound, and allows you to simply turn on the TV and let it do the rest for you.

    In addition, it takes care that the sound is of the highest quality Object Tracking Sound Pro Technology (OTS Pro), which ensures that the sound follows the action and therefore accurately reproduces it on the speakers. Active Voice Amplifier, whose purpose is to analyze the noise from the environment and amplify the voices on the screen, is there so that nothing would hinder and hinder you from listening to the commentators at the matches.

    Warm-up with virtual duels

    When you want to warm up before an important match or you have to maintain your adrenaline over time, play a virtual football match on a Neo QLED TV via a console or computer. If you haven’t tried the magic of the virtual world yet, the great Samsung Neo QLED TV is ideal for that. Super Ultrawide GameView option provides a wide view of all scenes in video games, while Object Tracking Sound technology distributes sound in the room according to the scenes. To keep everything running smoothly, not only while playing but also while watching your favorite movies and series, a refresh rate of 120 HZ will be taken care of.

    bigger is better

    Take advantage of the promotional offer where with the purchase of the Samsung Neo QLED TV for 2021 you can also get an extended warranty for a period of five years until June 30, 2021. Also, Samsung is on the eve of a big football competition there are action on large 75 ” and 85 ” screens, which lasts until July 11, 2021. Along with the new Neo QLED and Crystal UHD TVs, a soundbar speaker is also a gift after registering a purchase on [email protected].

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