Troll or clue? Apple mentions the MacBook Pro M1X on its WWDC keynote

    WWDC 2021 was not an opportunity for Apple to present new material. However, on the video of the event, we can see a mention to the M1X MacBook Pro.

    WWDC 2021 teaser image - Apple

    WWDC 2021 teaser image // Source: Apple

    WWDC 2021 was taking place this year, with a keynote opening rich in information. We saw the new products there d’iOS 15, from macOS Monterey, from watchOS 8 and more. However, one element missing: the equipment.

    Historically, the WWDC is an event dedicated to developers and therefore logically linger on the software part of Apple's ecosystem, but several rumors pointed to the possibility that the Apple brand would take the opportunity to unveil a new MacBook Pro of 15 or 16 inches with an improvement of its M1 chip, which some then called “M2” or “M1X”. And yet… nothing.

    An ad withdrawn?

    Yet, as spotted by the young YouTubeur Max Balzer on Twitter, the tags of the video of the opening conference on YouTube clearly mention this new laptop. While checking out, we found that the tags of the video still show “m1x macbook pro” and “m1x”. But then… why?

    Several hypotheses are possible, but the most successful theory at the moment is that Apple would have planned to unveil its new chip and its new MacBook Pro during WWDC 2021 before backing down at the last moment, possibly. due to a delay in the planning. It is the hypothesis that Ockham's razor (or even Hanlon's razor on the assumption that it is a human error not to have removed these tags) would push us to adopt.

    Others see it as a nod, even a troll, to the leakers who said Apple would launch its MacBook Pro M1X last Monday. A message as subtle as “haha, did you believe it?», Not really the kind of Apple that likes to carefully control its ads and rarely lets this kind of leak spoil the surprise.

    Finally, the craziest theory is that Apple would have played rumors to better position its video on YouTube and steal visibility to theories on its next MacBook. This idea seems very unlikely to us and in view of the result (the Apple live does not even appear when we look for “m1x macbook pro”) Is very counterproductive.

    Either way, there's no doubt that Apple still has a few surprises up its sleeve when it comes to its laptops and more announcements can be expected in the coming months.

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