These webcam apps are better than your laptop’s camera

There is a good chance that your (old) smartphone provides a better image than the built-in camera of your laptop. In this article we therefore list the best webcam apps.

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These are the best webcam apps for Android

Video conferencing is here to stay. Most office workers indicate that they want to work hybrid in the future: a few days at the office, a few days at home. Working from home thus definitively claims its place in society and an important part of this is video calling.

Make sure that you are well lit and in focus, because otherwise video calling is no fun for anyone. One of the easiest ways to do this is to install a decent webcam app on your smartphone. Here’s our top three.

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1. Iriun

Iriun is without a doubt one of the best webcam apps. The app is free, available for almost all platforms (not only Android, but also Windows, macOS and even Ubuntu) and the quality is unparalleled. The free version of Iriun has a maximum resolution of 4K.

That said, you probably don’t need such high quality at all. The moment you use the maximum resolution, you will soon have to deal with a slight delay. This makes the sound faster than the picture, or vice versa. It is therefore better to make video calls in full HD.

Iriun also has disadvantages. For example, the free version puts a watermark over your image. Another shortcoming is that Iriun does not support audio. So you can use your phone as a webcam, but not as a microphone. If you can live with this, Iriun is without a doubt one of the best webcam apps out there.

Iriun 4K Webcam for PC and Mac


2. iVCam Webcam

We are also fans of iVCam. This app broadly does the same as Iriun, but is slightly less pleasant to use. That’s because of the ads in the free version. You will see this during start-up and after finishing a conversation. Of course, the makers of iVCam also have to eat, so you can certainly live with this drawback.

The webcam app does a lot of good. The way of operating is especially nice. Once you’ve paired your phone with your computer, you don’t need to touch the device again. Instead, you use your computer to adjust settings. Useful!

iVCam is a lot more extensive than Iriun and you can adjust all kinds of settings. The app is therefore especially recommended for people who enjoy fiddling with it and want to go for maximum results. If you don’t feel like doing this and you ‘just’ want a webcam app, then you might be better off going for a simpler alternative.

3. DroidCam

Old, but familiar. That’s the best way to describe DroidCam. The webcam app looks anything but modern and sparkling, but it does what it’s supposed to do: record video. Setup is a breeze and you can use your smartphone as a webcam in no time.

Also great: the app works together with the microphone of your smartphone, so that you can also be immediately heard by the person with whom you are video calling. Since this may result in noise, it is better to use a separate microphone (or headset) for this. This is ‘just’ possible in the free version of DroidCam.

Also handy: you can turn off your smartphone screen during video calling. As a result, less power is needed and your device gets a lot less hot. The biggest drawback of DroidCam is the limited resolution in the free version. It is limited to 480p and that is scant these days.

DroidCam – Webcam for PC


What else do you need?

You now know what the best webcam apps are, but you’re not there yet. Before you get started, you should also think about the setting.

If you regularly make video calls, it quickly pays off to purchase a special tripod for your smartphone. This keeps your device stable and prevents embarrassing situations where your phone flips over halfway.

You also have special phone holders that you can attach on top of your computer screen. This is a bit expensive, but it does look professional. If you webcam every now and then or like to take a risk, you can also just stack some books on top of each other and put your device against it.

It is also useful to sit in a well-lit place. After all, nobody wants to sit and stare at a shady figure. When there is little or no sunlight in your workplace, turn on a light. Ideally, you should buy a special ring lamp, because these are made to shine evenly light.

Finally, it is important to think about sound. Most likely there is a better microphone in your (old) Android smartphone than in your computer, but we do not recommend chatting via your device. This quickly produces noise, especially when you are video calling with several colleagues or friends. It is therefore wiser to purchase a separate microphone, or to talk via the microphone of your headset.

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