Thermalright Frost Commander 140 – CPU cooler this time in a beautiful white edition

    Thermalright in March this year unveiled the Frost Commander 140, its new flagship air-cooling for processors, and now a completely white version has appeared. Thermalright presents another heat sink that joins the substantial portfolio that has been revealed in recent months.

    Thermalright Frost Commander 140 White is another color variation of CPU cooling with quite a sizeable size. In March this year, the manufacturer announced the basic gray version, and now there is a variant for lovers of white computer sets. It should be emphasized that the cooling looks great, and not only the fans and heat sink, but also the base and heat pipes are white. The heat sink is not small. At exactly 160mm high, it can touch the side panel of most mid-tower cases. Two identical towers consist of 53 aluminum fins through which five 8 mm-thick copper heat pipes pass and which indirectly contact the processor via a copper base.

    Thermalright has revamped its Frost Commander 140 cooler and released an all-white edition. Not only are the heatsinks and fans white, the heatpipes and the base are also white, which makes for a great look.

    Two fans are included with the heatsink. The smaller 120mm fan forces fresh air into the first stack of fins, while the larger 140mm fan placed between the towers carries this air through the second stack. The included mounting clips allow you to mount up to three fans up to 140 mm in size. The included 120mm fan is a model TL-C12 Pro-Wwhich rotates at speeds up to 1,850 rpm ± 10%, forcing up to 82 CFM of air, at a static pressure of up to 2.10 mm HO and a noise level of up to 29.6 dBA. The larger 140mm fan attached is the TL-D14X-Wwhich reaches a speed of 1800rpm, air flow up to 95.50 CFM, static pressure 2.25mm HO and has a sound level of 30.2 dBA at maximum speed.

    Both fans are equipped with S-FDB bearings. After the fans are installed, the kit measures 140 mm x 146 mm x 160 mm (W x D x H), weighing exactly 1.34 kg (1 kg of heat sink + 340 g for two fans). Processor sockets supported are AM4, LGA1200, LGA115x i LGA2066. The company has not released thermal performance data, but most likely the heat sink could be a traditional alternative to small to medium AIO kits.

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