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    With the infamous titles posted below inscriptions of the Angry Birds franchise, most gamers probably know what to expect when they pick up the latest Angry Birds game. Indeed, the name Angry Birds VR released early last year offered a successful VR translation of this tried but true mechanics, with players throwing various birds around Jenga-block castles in a relentless effort to kill green pigs.

    But strangely, The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure completely abandons the franchise, instead opting for an overcooked-style multiplayer free-for-all. Is the new style of play successful within the characteristics of the franchise? So it depends on who you play with.

    Rejecting the origins of Angry Birds in the video game space, what Angry Birds 2: VR represents is your standard licensed franchise game, for better or worse. The familiar property is crumbled along with the recognizable game formula, with a bit of VR thrown into the batter to mix things up.

    While the “inspiration” that Angry Birds 2 raises from Overcooked is obvious, the team behind AB2 has chosen a good genre to emulate. Like Overcooked, Angry Birds 2 has fun and accessible levels that families can enjoy together. Although (also like Overcooked) in the end the difficulty slows down to the point where fewer players will be left behind – or in tears of frustration.

    We haven't seen another Angry Birds movie (and let's face it, nor will we until it appears on Netflix), but judging by the trailer in which Angry Birds 2 VR invites you to watch before playing the game, we assume they are titular the birds reached a kind of truce with the naughty green pigs.

    None of the plot really matters – the point is that in Angry Birds 2 VR, pigs and birds are on a submarine together and heading to where they need to do something. Along the way, for whatever reason, they decided to collect as much treasure as they could (I’m not sure this is the plot of the movie… it seems to be a bit of a video game).

    To collect the treasure, one player ties a VR helmet and acts as the “captain” of the submarine. The other players become a “crew”, playing on the TV screen while the captain tries to remove them and prioritize their actions.

    The Angry Birds Movie 2 VRThe captain is responsible for collecting treasures as they pass by the submarine, it is visible to them only through a massive window. It is slightly shrunk by throwing the piston on the box, and then it gets stuck on the “x” button so that it can be pulled back into the boat.

    At the beginning of the game, the team is responsible for building the clips and loading them. This is achieved by carrying different brightly colored cubes on various machines, then waiting for them to spit out the desired product, then selecting the product (also in the form of a cube) and placing a new cube in another machine. Most are operated with just one button, which simplifies the control scheme for younger players. The captain can help with some of these tasks, throwing things around the deck as needed (with some restrictions).

    Complications occur when players work through the initial eight levels of the campaign (there are over thirty levels in total, gradually unlocked through the Angry Birds patented star system). New mechanics are added at high speed, with both the captain and crew taking on new tasks and responsibilities to keep up with them at all levels.

    ScoreSuddenly, torpedoes are built and the treasure is condensed into a more valuable treasure, garbage should be removed from the deck, and TNT is stored in the furnace (because treasure chests sometimes contain boxes with dynamite). What begins as a simple and manageable family game quickly descends into a furious freedom for all, and players shout at each other to accomplish what they consider to be a top priority, when in reality there are ten different equally important tasks that everyone needs to do.

    While it is technically possible to play Angry Birds 2 VR as a single player game, we would absolutely not recommend it that way. If you wanted to buy this title to play on your own – don't. The first couple of levels are doable, but after that you will break the DualShock into small pieces due to frustration. This is a multiplayer title and should be approached that way.

    The focus of the audience for the Angry Birds movie is kids ages 2 to 12, so we decided to try playing Angry Birds 2 with some kids in our family. At first, I started playing with myself in the VR seat, with a six-year-old and a 16-year-old doing tasks on a TV screen.

    VRThe results were about what you could have predicted. The sixteen-year-old and I struggled to complete each level with growing frustration, while the six-year-old ran in circles giggling and trying to help. Of the three of us, the six-year-old was having fun, cheerfully changing characters and trying on hats, while the 16-year-old remained more and more frustrated by the growing difficulties.

    In the end, we assigned the six-year-old the job of “storing the treasure”, which was in line with her abilities and made up her content. In the end, the 16-year-old and we decided we needed at least one more “real” player to make Angry Birds 2 VR more manageable.

    Do we think that a team with small children could achieve anything in this game? Absolutely not. Like the Angry Birds franchise that gave birth to her, Angry Birds 2 VR hides serious difficulties under her child-friendly veneer. Toddlers will have fun in circles for a while, but don't expect them to get anywhere.

    The Angry Birds Movie 2 VRWhile Overcooked gently increases the difficulty over a series of levels, there are enough levels in that game to be able to have flow and reach frustration levels. The eight-stage Angry Birds 2 VR campaign is simply too short to come up with that slight tilt, instead of slapping players in the face and jumping abruptly fluttering into harder difficulties. Instead of excitement, my crew was greeted by every new mechanic with a sigh. We’re not saying that play should reject kids, but a gradual crooked difficulty – working out ideas before presenting the next one – would be very welcome.

    That said, after playing through harder levels and barely squeezing out one star needed to progress, our small team was able to return to earlier levels (which we struggled with in the beginning) and easily broke away with a three-star performance. We assume that practice makes perfection.

    What we are left with is a game from a children's franchise that children may not be able to play successfully. If you are interested in trying out Angry Birds 2 VR, we would warmly recommend that you put together a “crew” with at least one or two experienced players, who can carry the load and pretty much ignore any kids who might explode. on the deck of a submarine.

    Angry Birds ’decision to leave her main gameplay for this movie tie-in is interesting, and unsuccessful in general. But in creating a game with this fast-growing level of challenge, the submarine Angry Birds may leave its core audience on shore.

    Like the original franchise that launched it, The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure starts out simple enough, but quickly intensifies in difficulty to the point where it will exclude its target audience. Angry Birds 2 is a nice overcooked clone, but be careful if you plan to play alone or with small children. It takes at least a few experienced gamers if you want to see any of the content of a later game.

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