The 5 best Android apps on the Play Store: Week 14 – 2021

    Every week a lot of apps appear in the Play Store. Most, however, you don't have to try because of the quality. In this weekly overview, we, therefore, collected the best Android apps, updates and games from last week.

    1. AutoSheets (and Tasker)

    Are you familiar with Tasker? This app can automate all kinds of repetitive tasks to save you a lot of time. Last week, Tasker released a new extension: AutoSheets. This ‘plugin' can automate almost everything in Google Sheets.

    With AutoSheets it is for example possible to create new spreadsheets, copy existing data to other files, create new rows and so on. A practical example is that you can, for example, automatically label your bank expenses in a clear Google spreadsheet. To be clear: you need Tasker to use AutoSheets.

    2. Game of Thrones

    Do you love Game of Thrones and board games? Then you should give Game of Thrones: The Board Game a try. In the digital version of the board game you are at the head of one of the six houses in Westeros: Lannister, Stark, Greyjoy, Martell, Tyrell or Baratheon.

    It's up to you to claim the crown within ten rounds. You can choose how you do that. For example, you can go to war, look for cooperation with others or use a combination. The expansion A Dance with Dragons has also been released at the same time as the base game.

    A Game of Thrones: The Board Game

    Asmodee Digital

    3. Battery Boy

    Battery Boy is a so-called running game, known from games like Temple Runner, but with a twist. The game takes into account the battery percentage of your smartphone. There are four types of coins to collect: green, yellow, red and silver.

    Best ANdroid apps of the week battery boy

    You guessed it: it depends on your battery percentage which currency you encounter. You use these coins for in-app purchases, for example. It is of course also a smart trick from the makers to ensure that you open the game as often as possible. The gameplay mainly consists of smart movement between the different courses and avoiding obstacles.

    Battery Boy

    Petricore, Inc

    4. Last Time

    Last Time is a new activity tracker in the broadest sense of the word. For example, the app remembers when you last went to the hairdresser, watered the plants or baked your own bread.

    You can make notes and schedule follow-up appointments if necessary. It is also possible to label activities, for example in terms of purpose: sports, care or something else. Last Time has no ads and does not work with trackers to track your internet behavior.

    Last Time – Activity timeline manager

    Kizito Nwose

    5. MindTree

    MindTree is a meditation app that is also very good for the earth. The app plants trees while you are meditating. You will be rewarded after following a session. When you take good care of yourself MindTree rewards you with a gift that also benefits the planet.

    Best Android Apps of the Week MindTree

    Aside from this unique twist, MindTree is a pretty standard meditation app. You can, for example, follow guided meditations, start a session on your own or listen to soothing music, for example. The app is also packed with tips. You must take out a paid subscription to use the tree planting program.


    Steffen Westlund

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