The 4 best Android apps in the Google Play Store from week 21 – 2021

    Chatting with friends and colleagues easier, a game with no text and beating crooks in a really cool 80s game. You will find that and more in this weekly overview of the best Android apps, games and updates.

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    1. Geneva

    Maybe you use Slack to communicate with colleagues while working from home. The new Geneva app actually does exactly the same, but for non-colleagues. You use the all-in-1 chat app to keep in touch with your friends, family members or people from the sports club.

    You can chat with each other, send general messages to everyone, invite people to video call and, for example, start separate private groups. Geneva is available on all platforms and is free. In the future, you can also transact on the platform, and then the app will deduct a few percent commission.


    Geneva Technologies, Inc

    2. eezy

    Anyone who is ever indecisive can try a new app since last week to do something about this. eezy (in lower case) describes itself as a ‘lifestyle planner' that takes your mood and preferences into account. After downloading the app, create an account and tell us what you like.

    Then the technique does its job and eezy suggests activities. It is a pity that the app only works in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and the recommendations hit or miss to be. Sometimes there is something nice in there, but other times the suggestions completely miss the point.

    eezy: your mood driven lifestyle planner

    eezylife Inc.

    3. The Longest Road on Earth

    It doesn't make you very happy, but the new melancholic game The Longest Road on Earth is very well put together. There are no text or dialogues in the game: everything revolves around sound. Through music you get the stories of the main characters.

    The gameplay itself is not much. You don't play this game because you want to put your mind to zero or endlessly defeat enemies. On the contrary, you simply get the stories of four protagonists without having to do a lot. You will spend a total of about two to three hours with the game.

    The Longest Road on Earth

    Raw Fury

    4. Huntdown

    If The Longest Road on Earth is on one side of the game spectrum, Showdown is on the completely other side. This game is all about the story. Showdown takes you back to the 80s and makes sure you don't have to think about anything for a while.

    The retro game is reminiscent of games like Streets of Rage, for example because of the perspective where you view levels from the side. In Showdown you have to make all enemies in the picture a head smaller, after which you move on to the next part. At the end of the level there is of course a boss waiting for you. You can try the game for free, but it costs 8.99 euros.


    Coffee Stain Publishing

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