The 4 Best Android Apps and Games of the Week (Edition #36 2021)

    How well do you brush your teeth? A new app knows the answer. We also dive into the tidy world of Marie Kondo and smart homes. That, and much more in this weekly roundup of the best Android apps.

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    1. Microsoft Start

    Microsoft News is now called Microsoft Start. You use this service to stay informed of news that really interests you., RTL Nieuws and ANP, among others, supply articles to Microsoft Start. By cleverly indicating what you are or are not interested in, the algorithm of the service keeps getting better.

    As far as Microsoft Start seems like a fairly straightforward news aggregator, but it has a cool trump card up its sleeve. Every now and then articles from paid platforms such as The New York Times or Bloomberg News pop into your timeline. Normally you have to take out a subscription to read these pieces.

    Microsoft Start: Top stories, news & more

    Microsoft Corporation

    2. Adent Health

    You can't think of it that crazy, or is there an app that tries it. Adent Health appeared in that category last week. This app tries to make your teeth as healthy as possible. For example, you can use Adent to check your teeth for cavities, without having to lie in the dental chair.

    Adent Health - Product Hunt LIVE - 2021

    Simply stand in front of a mirror, open the dentist app and follow the instructions on the screen. As soon as you send your photos, Adent will start analyzing, including using artificial intelligence. You will then be told within a few hours how healthy your teeth are. American users can also schedule a dental appointment directly.

    Adent Health

    Adent Health

    3. KonMari Spark Joy!

    Do you know Marie Kondo yet? This ‘clean up guru' became very popular a few years ago thanks to her own Netflix series. Now the tidying expert also has his own game: KonMari. Obviously, this game is all about cleaning up. You try to make your room so clean and organized by solving puzzles.

    KonMari Spark Joy! Trailer

    The puzzles are fairly clear, but entertaining. The story in particular is a big plus. You follow in KonMari: Spark Joy! the personal coming of age story of a young girl. Of course we won't reveal anything, but the denouement is worth it. The same goes for the design and music.

    KonMari Spark Joy!

    Akatsuki Inc.

    4. Homey

    Smart homes are hot. More and more people are bringing smart devices into their homes and Homey is smartly responding to this. The originally Dutch app announced last week that its platform for smart homes is now free. Users can add up to five smart devices to the Homey app. If you want to link more smart home gadgets, you have to pull out the wallet.

    Best Android apps of the week Homey

    Homey is therefore an app for operating your smart home. In this it is comparable to Home, the platform of Google. Homey therefore tries to distinguish itself on the basis of extra functions. If you have a smart thermostat at home, you can, for example, view a detailed energy report in the Homey app.

    Homey — A better smart home

    Athom BV

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