Takeover: Sony swallows PC port specialists Nixxes

    Sony takes over another studio. On fanfares on the PlayStation blog that were announced yesterday Purchase of Housemarque the company waived. With good reason: the Dutch studio Nixxes Software specializes in porting.

    The developer, founded in 1999, sees himself more as a technical service provider than as a creative person. The résumé mainly includes work for Square Enix: In recent years, the PC versions of the Tomb Raider Reboot and its two successors, Thief and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, came from Nixxes.

    Sony would like to benefit from this expertise. As part of the “PlayStation Studios Technology, Creative & Services Group”, Nixxes is to improve the in-house capabilities of PlayStation Studios in the field of technology in the future. This helps to ensure the best possible gaming experience.

    The elephant in the room is called the PC

    Why Sony acts cautiously on its own channels can be found in Nixxes' résumé. Experience with PC ports is not required when developing games for the PlayStation consoles. The takeover is a clear statement in this respect: PC ports will be after Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone and that already announced Uncharted 4 continued in the future. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan was already aware of this Announcement of the beginning of the yearHowever, the takeover underscores that the PC strategy is designed for the long term and that not just isolated titles are migrating to the PC. At the same time, she emphasizes that Sony is serious about porting Days Gone (Test) stuttered on computers despite the high FPS. Obviously, quality is to be worked on here by purchasing expertise.

    That explains why the takeover is barely mentioned. Because the step to the PC is a tightrope walk, especially when it comes to communication. Since the console is the most important mainstay of Sony's games division and will remain so in the near future, it would be strategically unfavorable to devalue it by overly loud talk about PC porting of exclusive games and thereby unsettle potential buyers. PlayStation owners are reassured time and time again that they are exclusive on their console Games can play and that the PlayStation continues to have the highest priority for the company. In order not to tarnish this message, Nixxes is only talked about in a low voice.

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