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    After the strong reception of last year's edition, there are still a few unanswered questions about the potential future of Streets of Rage 4. In our review, we concluded that the complete overhaul of the animation of Max and Shiva in boss form implied the potential appearance of characters that can be played. That expectation was eventually justified when the publisher Dotemu discovered Mr. X Nightmare, a new DLC that will feature a special survival mode and three new characters. Estel Aguirre, the character of New Streets of Rage, was the first name mentioned, but fans knew that Max and Shiva had to show up properly, and the new DLC brings all these fresh faces in large quantities.

    As with the original edition of Streets of Rage 4, no aspect of this DLC feels like hasty thinking. All three new characters are wonderful to play, they are quite differentiated and significantly updated. Estel and Max are heavy brawlers, and Estelle’s Blitz moves give her some brutal horizontal spacing options, and Max is a favorite of mass control who has always been that. Shiva’s fast but methodical style sets him apart from other faster fighters, and he retains the ability to jump into a wall, opening up even more juggling potential as enemies are pushed along the sides of the map.

    What is potentially even more effective than these characters is the Survival mode, which the earlier trailer teased as if it had some kind of naughty design. That's really true, with up to four local players able to fight through random arenas filled with impressive variations of enemies, bosses, dangers and building objects. After winning over each level, a permanent upgrade can be added on the way to the next, which only enhances the combined scoring potential of Streets of Rage 4; bonus jumps, elementary ability upgrades, AI followers, and stat boosters all combine and stack on top of each other, ensuring that each route through (probable) defeat adds another twist or layer to the pass.

    Streets of Rage 4It is a type of game mode that builds on the proven strength of the Streets of Rage 4 fight, but also adds satisfying chaos. New weapons have been added to Mr. X Nightmare, including a trumpet swordfish, which appears to be the fruit of durian, and plenty of others, which will all populate any randomized Survival mod area. Individual levels in this mode include motifs from the original game with brand new artwork, low-resolution arenas based on scenes from previous titles, as well as a wide selection of bosses that seemingly cover the entire series. Later levels introduce multiple bosses at once, including the spirit of duplicate heroes who are particularly cunning, as these fights have not been found in any previous Streets of Rage game. It is a mode that will guide veterans through the steps, but also lead to some interesting character structures.

    Streets of Rage 4A new mode and three new characters would be enough to ensure the value of the DLC, but there are also new moves for each character that can be played – even for lower resolution gang members. Switching to Survival mode unlocks alternative special actions, blitz attacks and so on, all of which you can then use in other game modes. This means that completely new animations are built into the complete list of Streets of Rage 4, with some even representing new voice lines, and finding out which exact load of moves a player prefers should effectively breathe new life into the entire game.

    It will also take a while players can expect a considerable number of hours to maksimalno took advantage of the moves even just for their favorite characters. When combined with quality of life updates after the launch of the game, this Streets of Rage 4 is the best and most confident version of itself. A few years ago, when Castle Crashers came to Xbox Live, fans were happy to just pay for a few new character and weapon covers, but it seems that Mr. X Nightmare DLC treated with the same level of care as the original game. Anyone looking for a better reason to return to Streets of Rage 4 than to crawl up the ladder should jump into this DLC release, and the online option for 2 players in Survival mode provides a great excuse to connect friends.

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