Sony is working on its Game Pass for PlayStation

    Despite the fact that the new-generation Xbox consoles have not yet received high-profile exclusive titles, Microsoft definitely cannot complain about the sale of new devices. The merit of this is not only competitive prices or good components – a strong argument in favor of choosing the Xbox is the Game Pass service, which gives access to hundreds of great games at a quite attractive price. It certainly has to keep the Sony eyes awake at night – although the Japanese manufacturer is still working on providing unique exclusives on PlayStation 5, over time there are more voices that sooner or later the giant will prepare its response to this service. David Jaffe, the creator of God of War games, is absolutely sure of this.

    “I know people from Sony and they told me that they are working on something that will be a response to the Game Pass” – these words were usually uttered by the exuberant David Jaffe. Microsoft has something to be afraid of?

    Microsoft Xbox Game Pass with 20 games from Bethesda studio. We will play, among others in the Wolfenstein, Fallout, and DOOM series

    In his latest podcast, the popular author of cult action games for PlayStation stated that “Sony does not have to reveal to anyone the truth about what is coming and what will be their response to Game Pass. However, I can tell you that I know that they are preparing something. I know people at Sony and they told me they are working on something that will respond to Game Pass“It is worth adding that David Jaffe has become famous more than once for his exuberance in the media. Although he is no longer working for Sony, he certainly still has contacts with Sony, which means that a bluff is unlikely in this case.

    Sony is working on its Game Pass for PlayStation, says David Jaffe, creator of God of War games [2]

    Sony plans to close digital stores on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita

    David Jaffe later adds, “If Jim Ryan [CEO Sony – przyp. red.] believes that the correct reaction to Game Pass is emulating backward compatibility, games from PS3, PS2, PS1 or adding trophies, […], that's wrong. “A popular game developer had in mind the existing PlayStation Now service, of course. Well, it's hard to disagree – we all know that to compete with Microsoft, you probably need something bigger. Perhaps the solution is to expand the PS Collection. “Who knows. We hope that there will be more information on this matter soon. We are waiting impatiently for it.”


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