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    Rebellion developers have mastered the art of making World War II Nazi killing as fun as possible with their Sniper Elite series, but the latest title, Sniper Elite VR, has heightened the immersion factor by putting the experience into virtual reality. Instead of feeling like a one-time or fraudulent game, Sniper Elite VR feels like a complete Sniper Elite title just like one of the main titles. The Elite VR Sniper should be fun and exciting for franchise fans as long as they are able to overlook a few rough edges.

    Sniper Elite VR was set up during World War II as were the other games in the series, but this time players are taking control of Italian Resistance fighter instead of normal protagonist Carl Fairburne. The goal of this Italian partisan is to help suppress the fascist force that occupied his country. Unlike the hilarious Zombie Army 4, Sniper Elite VR is a more serious topic like earlier titles in the franchise. The story of the game spreads over 18 levels, which can take from six to eight hours, depending on difficulty and skill levels.

    As a Sniper Elite game, it is obvious that most of the time with the game is inevitably spent handling sniper rifles. Rebellion did a great job transferring the sniper mechanics of standard games to VR. Both player's hands in the game can move independently to control his weapon. One hand holds the rifle, while the other pulls the trigger after placing the bullet. Rifles must also be reloaded by pulling the weapon and inserting a new magazine before firing again. This makes Sniper Elite VR one of the only World War II shooters to accept how difficult and time-consuming it was to handle these weapons.

    One of the more interesting aspects of Sniper Elite VR is that the player uses his body as his inventory. This means that when they want to exchange weapons, take more ammunition or use grenades, they have to look down and grab objects from their person. The larger primary weapon is tied to the back, which means that the controller must move behind the head to turn off. Pistols, however, can be held in holsters under the armpits or on the hips, and all four slots can hold a pistol at the same time. It's exciting to throw a sniper rifle out of the way when the enemy notices you and grab two guns from each hook to shoot the approaching attackers.

    Sniper Elite VRHowever, there are a few issues with Sniper Elite VR that can be frustrating at times. Despite having several stealth-based missions, there is virtually no stealth mechanics in the game. Indicators that show whether enemies can see a player are very inconsistent and there is only one gun that has a muffler. Every encounter with stealth will end in a skirmish with weapons, which makes sniping difficult. Those who play on PSVR will notice that the image resolution quality is much worse than on PC. This is to be expected, but can be problematic when trying to sniff out enemies from a distance or in darker parts of the map. There were times when distinguishing an enemy's head or background was almost impossible.

    GamePlayOne thing that Sniper Elite VR does well to counter these potential problems is that it offers a wide range of comfort and accessibility options. The game can be played using a DualShock 4 controller, a PS Move controller or even a PSVR Aim controller, each with its own unique control schemes. There is also an option to choose between several types of movements, decide which hand / eye will be dominant, and even choose the frequency of the mechanics for killing cameras.

    Sniper Elite VR may not be as sleek as titles like The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, but despite that, VR may be the ideal final home of Sniper Elite. concept and mechanics that may have felt excessive in a standard shooting console have been revived by the VR format. Sniper Elite VR has a few rough spots, but they are easy to overlook when the end result is just as fun and impressive. This is a must for Sniper Elite fans and VR enthusiasts.

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