Smartwatch explodes and burns a 4 year old!

    We've talked a few times about smartphones which broke mostly due to the battery and caused some problems for users. However, at the level of smartwatches, this is far less common. Still, that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. A four-year-old child sustained third-degree burns after his smartwatch exploded. In fact, it was a very complicated situation as the site reports. PhoneArena.

    Smartwatch explodes and burns a 4 year old!

    smartwatch explode

    According to Yahoo News Australia the four-year-old girl is called Yiyi Huang and lives in Quanzhou city, in the Chinese province of Fujian.

    In the morning, the grandmother heard a huge noise while the child was playing in the room with his cousin. Then he heard his granddaughter scream. When he entered the room he saw that there was a lot of black smoke in the air. On top of that there was also a strange smell. Furthermore, the smartwatch that was still on the child's wrist continued to emit a lot of smoke.

    When the smartwatch was removed from the wrist the burn damage was very evident. So the child was taken to the hospital. The smartwatch manufacturer's name has not been revealed but the family hopes to be compensated for the expenses.

    smartwatch explode

    Although these are rare events, this is not the first time this has happened. In 2017, a Fitbit Flex 2 exploded on the wrist of a user who had second-degree burns.

    Smartwatches have a battery and we all know that these components can misbehave from time to time. However, few people imagined that such a small device could cause so much damage.

    Is that in the case of smartphones the battery has much larger dimensions. Now in the case of smartwatches, especially this size, they are quite small.

    Anyway, you can't be too careful. However, it is also important to pay attention to the chargers we use to charge our devices. In many cases, they are the ones causing damage.

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