Skyborg, the ‘brain' of future US autonomous drones, completes its maiden flight

    The US Air Force has put its Skyborg Vanguard central autonomy system to the test, the ‘brain' of its future drones, which for its first flight was integrated into a Kratos UTAP-22 drone. The test was conducted at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, on April 29 and lasted two hours and ten minutes, the US military announced in a statement on May 6.

    The Skyborg completed basic flight functions and responded to navigational commands, while reacting to geofences and performing coordinated maneuvers. Likewise, it demonstrated its capacity for active autonomy, “a first step to integrate these aircraft in a complex operating environment,” the US Air Force highlighted.

    During the next tests it is planned to test the capabilities of teamwork between manned and unmanned flights with the use of airplanes and drones equipped with the new central autonomy system.

    The Skyborg Vanguard program aims to create a combat-ready, autonomous drone to accompany manned aircraft. Developed by the Air Force Research Laboratory, the system is conceived as a robotic ‘wingmate' for pilots, which will use artificial intelligence to fly and control the aircraft and manage some combat mission tasks.

    The idea is that the unmanned aircraft accompanying the main fighter jets are inexpensive enough to afford to lose them in battle. This allows them to fulfill a wide variety of tasks, such as flying ahead to explore the terrain or absorbing enemy fire in case the group is attacked.

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