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Samsung SmartTag – Review

I received a Samsung SmartTag from the first generation and left it in the box for a few months, although I’m the type who has been forgetting where he leaves his keys and a device like that is somehow fixed.


At one point it happened that I didn’t know how many times I couldn’t find the car keys and I said I should set it up and start using it. Meanwhile, Samsung has launched an even more capable generation, SmartTag+ with localization via UWB + BLE (ultraw-wideband and low energy Bluetooth). My model has only BLE, the UWB brings an even more precise location. I’ll probably test the new model at some point. You should know that the UWB only works on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and on the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.

Let’s go back to the SmartTag without UWB, the model of 150 – 160 lei.


  • dimensions of 39.1 x 39.1 x 9.9 mm;
  • BLE 5.0 (Bluetooth low energy);
  • weighs 13 gr .;
  • 220 mAh CR2032 battery (autonomy of approx. 300 days);


In the package, you will find SmartTag with the CR2032 battery already built in. It is made of black plastic and has a cutout for locking keys, an object, etc. On one side is the Samsung logo, and on the other is specified Galaxy SmartTag, here is the button you can press to open a certain command.

To open the SmartTag you need a paper clip, insert it in the slot in a corner and you will slowly open it to have access to the battery that can be replaced (I read in some reviews that you can do this with a coin, ours are too thick and do not enter that space).

It must be said that SmartTag has a built-in speaker and has the ability to output a predefined sound. It is appreciated that you do not need a separate accessory to allow the SmartTag to be attached, as Apple did at AirTag.

It is not certified in terms of resistance to contact with water. It really has a slot from where you start opening the SmartTag to have access to the battery, the water could enter there and directly to its internal components. Too bad they didn’t manage to get an IP certification, especially since we have a gadget that doesn’t have any components, but costs over 30 euros.


Works with any Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet with the SmartThings app. Here you set it and you have all the information, as it happens with a Watch 3 with the Galaxy Wearable application.

SmartThings is Samsung’s control hub for IoT devices, and SmartTag falls into this category. You must provide access to the location to see the location on the map. The device automatically registers to your Samsung account. You can rename it etc.

During the initial setup process, it received a firmware update. Then set what you attach it to. There is a multitude of options: Key, Cat, Dog, Backpack, Briefcase, Wallet, Bicycle, ID Card, Umbrella, Emergency Item, Car, Car Key, Camera, Luggage, Trolley, Remote Control, Motorcycle, Drone, Laptop, Wheelchair, Handbag, Tool kit, Sports equipment, Other.

In my case, it was attached to the car keys.

If you have other Samsung devices connected in SmartThings you can perform various automation that you can initiate by simply pressing the button on the SmartTag (short or long-press). You can turn on a light bulb, turn on the air conditioning, the TV, etc. It turns into a kind of ad-hoc remote control, but one with basic functions.

You can choose from 10 ringtones. By the way, it is quite noisy, up to 100dB if you are near it. You can’t miss it in the space of an apartment, if it is a house with a large area, there might be some problems in finding it, but you move a little and you will surely hear it.

Use Bluetooth 5.0 type BLE for the connection with the smartphone, and in SmartThings you have a map where you can locate it. Here comes the part of the technology for which you pay over 150 lei for a device like that. In the sense that if you lose your SmartTag outside the coverage area and another Samsung Galaxy user passes by, you will have information on your map and you will know where to look for it. All data is sent securely, anonymously, etc.

In the space of an apartment, it works well, at least 30 – 40 sqm are covered by BLE technology (depending on the obstacles in the way). However, you will need to look for the sound to find it. UWB is missing.

If you want to reset it, you have to open it, remove the battery and when you reposition the CR2032 in its place, press the button in the center at the same time, for 5 seconds. If you want to add it to another Galaxy smartphone, you need to remove it from the SmartThings app (Menu / All Devices / Delete and select the red minus next to SmartTag).


Samsung SmartTag – $29.99 at;


Samsung SmartTag is an interesting accessory and it seems to me to be a first step in the right direction. I go straight to the pros and cons. SmartTag + has UWB, but its price is…, 29.99 USD at


  • you don’t need a dedicated accessory to catch it;
  • BLE technology and the fact that it can be located by another Samsung Galaxy smartphone seems to me to be a decisive factor in purchasing such a gadget;
  • ad-hoc remote control through automation that can be achieved in SmartThings;
  • great autonomy, you can change the battery easily;
  • strong sound, you can’t help but discover where the object attached to the SmartTag is.


  • the certification related to the resistance to contact with water is missing (it has a slot where you open it and Samsung failed to make it waterproof);
  • UWB technology is missing (Apple AirTag at 160 lei also has UWB and IP67 certification, for example, but it needs a dedicated accessory to catch it with keys, for example);
  • limited to Samsung smartphones and tablets with SmartThing, it is not a universal accessory.

The price I would recommend?

Samsung SmartTag – 29.99 USD

Samsung SmartTag+ Plus – 39.99 USD

Samsung has a habit of quickly updating the cost and may, depending on market feedback, bring them to the forefront of what I noted above. At the moment, they seem quite expensive for what it offers.

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