Samsung is very confident in the future of foldables. Why?

    Samsung will not release one new Note in 2021, therefore, it will bet everything it has on a new and renewed range of folding smartphones. It's an interesting move, because in truth, consumers still don't seem to want to jump on the folding train. Why? Due to its price, but also doubts about its durability.

    After all, consumers are staying with their devices for 2~3 years, so betting on a foldable one is undoubtedly a risky decision. Still, Samsung seems to be confident in the future of these devices! Let's see why.

    Samsung is very confident in the future of foldables. Why?

    So, as you may know, Samsung will announce its new Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 on August 11th. In addition, the South Korean giant has also decided to confirm some of the rumors and leaks about these devices, in what is a slightly different strategy, and which seems to show some confidence in this release.

    By the way, Samsung seems to be very excited about this release, well… More or less, Samsung seems to be very excited about betting on this type of device, from all manufacturers. After all, the smartphone giant is counting on making a lot of money, not only on its folding devices, but also on the folding ones from other manufacturers.

    Foldable in 2021

    We still don't know the prices of the new Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, but it is very likely that the Flip 3 will enter the market as the folding friend of the wallet, arriving at a price very similar to the other top-of-the-range. This while the Z Fold 3 will most likely be the super premium alternative, with a price to drive.

    In other words, the Flip will be the big bet on the “mainstream”, while the Fold will continue to be the folding one that everyone wants, but which in fact few can buy.

    Where does Samsung go for the money? It can't be just these 2 devices, right?

    It's very simple, we will have many manufacturers betting on folding devices, and of course, Samsung will be the main supplier of essential components, namely the OLED screen. It was the company itself that confirmed that it has a series of partnerships in this regard.

    Furthermore, do you believe in a market where folding mobile phones are normal? If so, when will it happen? What do you think about all this? Please share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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