Sabrent Plotripper: SSDs with up to 54,000 TBW for chia mining

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    After Team Group also brings Sabrent Specially intended for the mining of the crypto currency Chia SSDs out. The Sabrent Plotripper with 2 TB is designed for a high 10,000 TBW, with the Plotripper Pro it should even be 54,000 TBW.

    Chia increases demand for SSDs and HDDs

    Manufacturers of SSDs and HDDs have been rubbing their hands together at the latest since the start of the crypto currency Chia in early May. To mine or “farm” Chia, fast and durable SSDs and a lot of storage space in the form of large HDDs are required in the best case. Even before the market launch miners in China stocked up on mass storage accordingly. In this country, too, the high demand made itself felt with significant price increases for some HDD models. In some cases, however, prices have since fallen again.

    Chia mining drives HDD sales
    Chia mining drives HDD sales (Image: Western Digital)

    The demand for chia mining also increased for SSDs, models with a high durability guarantee, which are specified as Total Bytes Written or Terabytes Written (TBW), are particularly in demand. Because when mining, large amounts of data have to be written. Team Group jumped on the bandwagon as one of the first manufacturers with an SSD series specially designed for Chia and has the T-Create Expert with up to 12,000 terabytes (12 petabytes) of TBW presented.

    The one for unusual SSDs, like the one at the time first 8 TB SSD in M.2 format, well-known US manufacturer Sabrent wants to trump that. On the Website attention is drawn to the upcoming SSD series Sabrent Plotripper and Sabrent Plotripper Pro. The two NVMe SSDs in the M.2-2280 form factor are specially designed for chia farming and are specified with 10,000 TBW (Plotripper 2 TB), 27,000 TBW (Plotripper Pro 1 TB) and 54,000 TBW (Plotripper Pro 2 TB).

    Sabrent Plotripper (Pro) SSD for chia mining
    Sabrent Plotripper (Pro) SSD for chia mining (Image: Sabrent)

    Sabrent compares the values ​​with a “normal TLC SSD” with 2 TB and about 3,000 TBW. However, it is unlikely that MLC or even SLC NAND with a higher durability will be used with the Plotripper SSD. Rather, it is conceivable that Sabrent uses QLC memories (4 bits per cell) and operates them in SLC mode (1 bit per cell). So it could be QLC SSDs with 4 TB and 8 TB, the usable storage space of which drops by a quarter in SLC mode. In return, however, the durability increases significantly. However, more details on the technology are not yet available, Sabrent speaks of “Coming Soon“.

    The 54,000 TBW would be designed in the area of ​​high write volumes Enterprise-SSDs push forward and even compete with Intel's Optane SSDs with potentially much more durable phase change memory 3D XPoint on this point. However, the TBW information only concerns limits in terms of the manufacturer's guarantee. The real durability of the SSD can be different.

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