Road 96: Facebook rejects gambling ads on its network

    Game news Road 96: Facebook rejects gambling ads on its network

    A procedural adventure game developed by DigixArt, Road 96 has managed not to be forgotten in the flow of independent games thanks to an original proposal on paper and a marked artistic direction. However, the studio is currently facing an issue with Facebook.

    Road 96 going out August 16 next, DigixArt has launched the final sequence of its communication phase. Trailers, advertisements and other social media presence are important elements, allowing the game to stay current and in the minds of players. Unfortunately, it seems that Facebook moderation identified the title as out of the box fixed the social network, ranking it among the political communications. On Axios, Yoan Fanise, game designer of the title recounting the adventures of a teenage girl seeking to flee an authoritarian regime, declares:

    At first I thought it was a joke. (…) I thought of Minority Report. It is a robot that checks in advance what you are going to do and decides for you that no, you are not going to do it.

    Road 96: Facebook rejects gambling ads on its network

    The creator also tells have received an email from Facebook, indicating that the advertisement which had been conceived for the social network “does not respect (the) advertising policy concerning the social problems, the electoral or political advertisements”. However, Yoan Fanise indicates that the part written did not mention a specific political reality, offering only to escape “a country in turmoil” and reach “the border.” However, Facebook offered two options to DigixArt: modify texts or request special authorization to publish a “political advertisement”. If the situation complicates the studio's task, she responds to Facebook's decision to strengthen its moderation on these subjects during the American presidential elections at the end of last year, in order to avoid the same controversy as the election of Donald Trump. At this time, Facebook has not commented on the Road 96 case.

    Road 96: Facebook rejects gambling ads on its network
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