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    It will be much harder for the applications Android follow users who choose not to receive personalized ads referred to the site Financial Times. This comes after Google announced changes to the way it handles unique device identifiers that allow marketers to track them across apps. From the end of this year, Google will cut off access to these “advertising IDs” and make life difficult for users.

    Play Store: Google will make life very difficult for Android apps

    This news arrived in an email sent to the Play Store developers. However, Google has also updated its support page for advertising IDs. These updates will give users more control over their data and help enhance security and privacy.

    This change comes just months after Apple revised the way advertising IDs work on iOS. Recently, Google also announced that it will limit which applications can see what you have installed on your smartphone.

    Users have long been able to choose not to have custom ads on Android. However, this does not prevent developers from accessing your device's advertising ID. That's why it was necessary to tighten the rules even further.

    Google's support page says the release of the new policy will be phased in. So Android 12 devices will start to see the change in “end of 2021”. That's before it hits all devices with Google Play services early next year.

    While Google's announcement follows Apple's own path, it's still unclear how similar the two approaches will be. In any case this will undoubtedly shake the digital advertising market. It's just going to be much more complicated to deliver ads to users that actually make them buy things. This is because they can be advertising a nice meat dish for those who only like vegan food and vice versa.


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