Play Store Alert: These apps steal your Facebook data!

    Already entered apps on the Play Store capable of everything. However, few are targeted to steal only certain types of data as with these. In fact, there are a number of applications that have already been downloaded 5.8 million times. That's why we have to be very careful about what we install in our smartphone. These apps from Play Store steal your data from Facebook.

    Play Store Alert: These apps steal your Facebook data!

    These apps managed to win over users because they are really useful. Furthermore, they cover several areas. Thus, we have apps for photo editing, exercise and training, horoscope and junk removal from Android devices.

    To gain the users' trust they work fully. In other words, it is not one of those applications that we install and then do nothing. They are fully functional as stated on the website. Arstechnica.

    Play Store apps Facebook

    However, all identified apps also allow you to disable advertising when we log in with our Facebook account. When we want to do it, a box appears for us to enter our data. So far everything is normal. The problem is that you are actually communicating with Facebook, but not only. The data you have entered is sent to another server that controls this entire operation. However, even the cookies where other data are registered are stolen.

    the security company Dr. Web did an analysis of the applications in question and found that they all got their hands on the data.

    But there is worse. This system is really well done. So much so that it can be easily adapted to other apps.

    Play Store apps Facebook

    Investigators have discovered five dangerous malware variants inside apps. Three of them are native Android apps. The other two use a system whose main objective is to ensure compatibility on Google's platform.

    What are the most downloaded applications?

    The main downloads are for an application called PIP Photo. This alone had 5.8 million downloads. In other words, they have already imagined the number of people who are at risk.

    Play Store apps Facebook

    The other was Processing Photo. This one had 500 thousand downloads.

    Play Store apps Facebook

    However there are even more applications:

    At this moment these applications left the Play Store. The problem is that there are still many people who have them installed. However the programmers left too. So don't submit anything else. Of course this is just a temporary thing. Developers simply create another account to be back in the store.

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