Opinion: 3 reasons not to buy a Wear OS smartwatch for the time being

    Google will soon launch Wear OS 3 for smartwatches. The new operating system offers major improvements, but also has a dark side. In this opinion, we discuss three reasons not to buy a Wear OS smartwatch for the time being.

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    Arguments for not buying a Wear OS smartwatch

    wear OS is the Google operating system for smartwatches and the successor to Android Wear. That was on the first generation of smartwatches. In recent years, all kinds of new models have been released, later equipped with Wear OS 2. Now we have arrived at version 3, announced by Google in May.

    The expectations of Wear OS 3 are high. Google has teamed up with Samsung and promises a new operating system that runs faster, consumes less power and will support more popular apps. Includes highly anticipated offline versions of Google Maps and Spotify.

    I can therefore imagine that you are looking forward to Wear OS 3. For example, because you have an existing Wear OS smartwatch that you want to update, or because you want to buy a new watch with Wear OS 3 later. However, new information from Google made me frown and realize that there are at least three reasons not to use Wear OS for the time being.wearable to buy. I would be happy to explain to you why.

    1. No or moderate update for existing watches

    There are quite a few smartwatches that now run on Wear OS 2. And all but three of them will not get an update to Wear OS 3. The Oppo Watch which has been for sale in the Netherlands since the spring? No update. All Fossil watches? No update. By far most of Mobvoi's models? Right, no update.

    Why is unknown. In any case, Google is not doing a good job with it. Market leader Apple gives its Apple Watchmodels need a few years of version updates. As it should be, I think. Because who should I recommend an expensive Wear OS smartwatch if it is clear that the software support stops at the front door, so to speak? In the third reason I go deeper into this pain point.

    The Oppo Watch

    For the three models that do receive an update (Mobvoi Ticwatch 3 Pro GPS, 3 Pro LTE and E3), the question is whether Wear OS will be an improvement or a decline. Google itself doesn't seem to have it either.

    Opposite The Verge A spokesperson said that in “some cases, the user experience may be affected.” Google does not want to give details now, so I get the idea that the smartwatches may work slower after the update or last less long on a battery charge. Google promises to provide more details before the update.

    2. Old software on new smartwatches

    The second reason to ignore Wear OS is because it takes a long time for existing and many new models to get Wear OS 3. Much, but much longer than I expected. Google reports that the three Mobvoi models will receive a Wear OS 3 update in the second half of 2022. And so you have to wait another eleven to fourteen months for the new software. Then the brand new Mobvoi Ticwatch E3 suddenly doesn't feel so modern anymore.

    It is crazy that Google confirms that new smartwatches from Fossil and Mobvoi will appear in the near future that do not run on Wear OS 3, but on an older version. These watches will also only receive a Wear OS 3 update from July 2022. Why doesn't Google say.

    Does it have a technical reason or does Google prefer to give preferential treatment to certain brands? That is unclear. The fact is that Samsung will announce Wear OS 3 smartwatches at the beginning of August. Google's subsidiary Fitbit will – when is unknown – also come with Wear OS 3 wearables.

    3. Wear OS 2 is not future-proof

    The fact that many existing Wear OS 2 smartwatches are stuck on this version is not only a shame because you do not benefit from the innovations of Wear OS 3. A more important argument for not buying a Wear OS 2 watch now is that Google will soon stop. with the software support.

    The company guarantees two years of (security) updates from the release date of the smartwatch. Because many Fossil models have been on sale for a year, that means they will only get updates for one more year. This pain point also applies to a number of Mobvoi models.

    My advice to Wear OS fans

    In short: buying a Wear OS 2 watch now is unwise because the Wear OS 3 update will not come for a year (or not at all). And then you're left with Wear OS 2, whose support will soon end. My advice to Wear OS fans is therefore to wait for the new models from Samsung and Fitbit, which already run on Wear OS 3. Then you can determine whether one of those watches suits you, or whether you want to wait for other Wear OS 3 smartwatches, or whether a smartwatch with a completely different operating system is a better choice.

    Smartwatches from OnePlus, Huawei, Amazfit and Fitbit, among others, run on other software. In our buying guide we put the best smartwatches for android users on a row.

    Do you agree with Rens's opinion or do you think differently about the state and future of Wear OS 3? Have your say in the comments below.

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