OnePlus Nord 2 review: new middle class is again recommended

    With the OnePlus Nord, the Chinese smartphone maker had a big hit last year. Does its successor – the OnePlus Nord 2 – also convince? You can read it in this extensive review.

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    This is the OnePlus Nord 2 review

    After making its smartphones more and more expensive for years, OnePlus chose last year to come up with an affordable midranger again: the OnePlus North. That was a good decision, because the smartphone was received very positively and subsequently quite a success. It is therefore not surprising that the Chinese manufacturer is now coming up with a successor in the form of the OnePlus Nord 2.

    From OnePlus Nord 2 improves on its predecessor on several points, but keeps the reasonable suggested retail price of 399 euros. What has been renewed and is the new Nord worth it again? Read more in this review.

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    Recognizable OnePlus design

    The new Nord looks like a typical OnePlus phone and is especially similar to the OnePlus 9 on 9 Pro, which were released earlier this year. The front and back are made of glass and the frame is made of plastic. The housing is not dust and waterproof because an IP certification is missing, but it does feel luxurious. The phone is slippery because of the glass; so it is smart to use a case. Fortunately, a transparent case is included as standard.

    The OnePlus Nord 2 is almost the same size as its predecessor, but a fraction heavier. However, you will not notice this difference in practice. The smartphone comes in three colors (grey, blue and green), where we have tested the blue version – as you can see in the photos in this review. We think they look great.

    Furthermore, the Nord has 2 stereo speakers, but no headphone jack. The handy one is present alert slider, with which you can easily switch between sound profiles. For example, you can quickly set the device to silent with the slider. This is a nice feature of OnePlus smartphones that we also like to see on other Android phones.

    Screen is nice and smooth

    The OnePlus Nord 2 has a 6.43-inch screen with a resolution of 2400 by 1080 pixels, which makes for a pixel density of 410 ppi. In short: the display is very sharp and looks sleek. The screen edges are thin (although a thicker bezel is present at the bottom) so that the entire front consists of screen.

    oneplus nord 2 review

    Because it is an amoled screen, colors look very nice, the contrast is high and black is really black. The display can be nice and clear, which is nice, because this allows you to see what's on the screen even outside with a lot of sunlight. The screen also has a number of handy tricks: images that are on YouTube in lower quality can be used by the Nord 2, for example upscalen to hd.

    The high refresh rate of 90Hz ensures smooth animations, but OnePlus also gives you the option to choose 60Hz. This makes the battery last a little longer. We have not done that because the difference in ‘fluidity' between 60 and 90 Hz is large. The image simply looks better and the phone feels a lot faster if you choose 90Hz.

    oneplus nord 2 review

    A difference with the previous OnePlus Nord is that the double selfie camera has disappeared. Where its predecessor still had two front cameras (a normal and one with a larger field of view, so you can capture more), the Nord 2 only has a 32 megapixel front camera. Although the extra selfie camera is quite a handy feature, we did not miss it during our test period.

    The OnePlus Nord 2 runs on the new MediaTek Dimensity 1200 processor and therefore not a chip from Qualcomm, which the company normally opts for. In comparison, last year's OnePlus Nord had a Snapdragon 765G processor. The Nord CE – which is admittedly slightly cheaper – has a Snapdragon 750G chip. The Nord 2 processor is further assisted by 8GB/12GB RAM and 128/256GB storage, depending on which version you choose.

    oneplus nord 2 review

    According to OnePlus, the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 is faster than its predecessor, but we would not call it a huge progress. The Nord 2 is a bit smoother than the North CE from earlier this year, but here too the differences are not very large. This makes little difference, however, because the Nord 2 is nice and powerful and runs apps and games effortlessly.

    As is often the case with phones in the middle segment, you occasionally see a small hitch, but otherwise the smartphone is very nice to use. Apps start up quickly, multitasking is fine and you can also play games well. The Nord 2 further supports 5G and is therefore ready for the future, although we in the Netherlands will have to wait a little longer for the real benefits of the new network.

    oneplus nord 2 review

    The fingerprint scanner of the OnePlus Nord 2 is also fine. It is – just like its predecessor – under the screen and it works excellently. You only have to put your finger on the screen for a very short time and the phone unlocks. You can also use facial recognition, but because this option is much less secure, we prefer to choose the fingerprint scanner.

    Android 11 and OxygenOS is a nice combination

    Out of the box, the OnePlus Nord 2 runs on Android 11 with the OxygenOS shell of OnePlus over it. If you read previous reviews on Android Planet you know that we are fans of the OnePlus software. OxygenOS is very similar to the stock version of Android and does not add unnecessary features. As a result, the whole works fine and everything is nice and clear.

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