Oneplus announces (good) changes to its update policy

    Although in recent years the Oneplus have become well known for providing the android operating system updates very quickly, the truth is that the recent past has shown that the company is far from what it was in the past, and the proof of this is the updating of the Android 11 for the Oneplus 6 and 6T.

    Until now, the company has always promised two new versions of the Android operating system and three years of security updates for its main equipment. However, now the company, and largely because of the collaboration with OPPO, announced that its main devices will be entitled to 3 major updates of the Android operating system, and 4 years of security updates. In other words, the company meets what is offered by Samsung and Google.

    And obviously this is only intended for their main devices, which were released from the year 2020, and it will not affect the equipment launched in 2019, nor the Nord series equipment.

    Here is what Oneplus offers in terms of updates

    • Three Major Android Updates and 4 Years of Security Patch
      • Oneplus 9 Pro
      • Oneplus 9
      • Oneplus 9R
      • Oneplus 8 Pro
      • Oneplus 8
      • Oneplus 8T
    • Two big Android updates and 3 years of security patch
      • Oneplus 7 Pro
      • Oneplus 7
      • Oneplus 7T
      • Oneplus North
      • Oneplus North CE
    • A big Android update and 3 years of security patch
      • Oneplus N100
      • Oneplus N10 5G
      • Oneplus N200 5G

    This is, therefore, the first news after the announcement of the sharing of the Research and Development department of OPPO and OnePlus, which will also lead to the unification of the OxygenOS and ColorOS code, even if this has no visible impact for users, which will continue to enjoy their respective interfaces, which will remain distinct.

    Integration will be more present from Android 12 onwards, allowing the two companies to work more smoothly and avoid the numerous problems that have characterized OnePlus software updates for years, often blocked by serious problems.


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