Nvidia CMP 50HX: MSI introduces dedicated mining graphics card with 45 MH / s

    Image: MSI

    After the first so-called “Crypto Mining Processors” of the type CMP 30HX as well as the CMP 40HX, MSI is the first manufacturer to have a dedicated mining accelerator with up to 45 MH / s based on the CMP 50HX from the for the mining of Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH) launched CMP-HX series from Nvidia.

    45 MH / s for Ethereum & Co.

    With one according to the official Datasheet (PDF) with 1,350 MHz clocking TU102 of the generation Turing, which can be accelerated to up to 1,545 MHz by means of boost and can access 3,584 compute units, the MSI Nvidia CMP 50HX achieve a hashrate of up to 45 MH / s. The GPU is flanked by 10 GB GDDR6, which is operated at 14 Gbps and connected via a 320-bit memory interface.

    MSI Nvidia CMP 50HX

    MSI Nvidia CMP 50HX

    MSI Nvidia CMP 50HX

    MSI Nvidia CMP 50HX

    MSI Nvidia CMP 50HX

    MSI Nvidia CMP 50HX

    MSI Nvidia CMP 50HX

    MSI Nvidia CMP 50HX

    With its specifications, the mining GPU is technically positioned between the graphics cards GeForce RTX 2080 Ti (Test) and GeForce RTX 2080 Super (Test) and occupies a position above the CMP 30HX and CMP 40HX in the CMP-HX portfolio. There is still no trace of the most powerful CMP 90HX.

    The first models of the CMP-HX series

    With a connection limited by firmware to PCIe Gen3-x4, the graphic cardwhich comes with an I / O area optimized for airflow without image outputs anyway, uninteresting apart from the intended area of ​​application.

    The manufacturer has not yet given any details on the price or availability of the MSI Nvidia CMP 50HX, which is powered by two 8-pin power supplies.

    MSI Nvidia CMP 50HX
    MSI Nvidia CMP 50HX (Bild: MSI)

    On the other hand, the means are Mining Brake 2.0 GeForce models that have slowed down in mining are now identified with the abbreviation LHR (“Light Hash Rate”). It wasn't until April that Nvidia raised its forecast for sales of dedicated mining hardware from $ 50 million to $ 150 million an.

    Cryptocurrencies remain very volatile

    Since May of this year, the price of Ethereum has fallen from more than 4,000 US dollars to currently around 1,900 US dollars, and the digital reserve currency, Bitcoin, has also fallen sharply and has meanwhile lost up to 50 percent of its value.

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