New WhatsApp Policy – Either accept or suffer the consequences

    The company has set May 15 as a deadline for all users to accept this new policy.

    With new terms and conditions, WhatsApp ensures that users must accept to continue to have access to the application. The company has set May 15 as a deadline for all users to accept this new policy.

    The importance of the May 15 date is taking on a new dimension. According to the official website, those who do not accept the conditions will continue to receive a notification asking them to accept. If you've seen the reminder notification on WhatsApp, you know it can be very annoying.

    According to WhatsApp, users who do not accept will see this persistent reminder for several weeks. The company did not specify how many weeks users will be unhappy with this notification. However, this is only the first half of the story. After “a few weeks”, users who do not accept will have to deal with a limited functionality mode.

    WhatsApp will not delete any account

    If you don't accept the new terms of use you will be prevented from accessing your conversations. At that stage, they can only respond when a message arrives. The user must click on the notification that takes him directly to the specific conversation. There will be no conversation list. If there is a video or audio call, they can receive them.

    But, it won't last forever. As stated by WhatsApp, all calls and messages of users will be interrupted after a few weeks. There is currently no timetable for the series of stages. However, it is to be believed that the company will send notifications before it does anything. The company will not delete or disable user accounts for that reason. However, the application will be useless after WhatsApp applies the full plan.

    WhatsApp has tried to simplify things in clear terms to the user about the new policy. Interestingly, policy changes are described in the notification. However, it is very common for users to simply accept without reading the policy. However, changes in WhatsApp policy, which basically affect business accounts, were initially very vague. Some managed to read and did not understand the changes. That is why many users are skeptical about accepting the new policy.

    Whether they agree and understand the policy changes or not, it appears that WhatsApp users do not actually have an option. Or the user accepts the new WhatsApp policy changes and is no longer able to use the application.

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