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    First-person puzzle games can be difficult to stand out because they tend to feel similar to each other. Maquette not only offers a compelling story, but her puzzles are also clever and unique. There are a few moments when Maquette becomes frustrating, but it’s hard to say if it’s the game’s fault or the emotion that makes the players feel it.

    Maquette is a modern love story that follows the artistic and charming couple Kenzie and Michael. From the beginning of their flourishing relationship to their bitter-sweet end, players are told a heartbreaking story of love, loss and acceptance. Players will navigate Kenzie’s memories of her and Michael’s relationship and will be faced with puzzles that confuse the mind to put together their story.

    Kenzie and Michael are voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel, and that talent helps elevate Maquette as a whole. Their performances are amazing and make a credible love story, which is important when the characters themselves are never on the screen. Maquette’s sound design is fantastic and is accompanied by an amazing soundtrack that matches the tone of each sequence. Pairing the beautiful Maquette sound with stunning visual effects makes for an unforgettable experience.

    Speaking of visuals, the atmosphere of the Maquette is fascinating from the rose-gold circus in a bathed champagne-colored sunset to the dilapidated remains of the Maquette hovering over the endless void. The atmosphere of the game changes with the tone of the story, and as players approach the end, their environment will begin to disintegrate allowing players to see where the story is heading.

    ModelAt its core, Maquette is a puzzle game that presents a unique mechanic that focuses on perspective. Players are housed in a dome surrounded by four different environments. In the center of the dome is a one-on-one diorama of the dome and surroundings. Players can place objects inside the diorama to cross levels or resize. As the game progresses, the puzzles become more challenging, and players are forced to think of a bigger (or smaller) picture.

    ModelMaquette levels and puzzles are mostly cleverly designed. Unobtrusive earnings later become a platform tool or a bunch of books turn into stairs. When it finds a solution to a more problematic puzzle, the game rewards the player with a sense of accomplishment and additional information about Kenzie and Michael. However, there are some puzzles that lead to frustration, and the solutions that can be found feel like unwanted ones. These puzzles are few, but they stop the story of the game and do not feel useful when you master them.

    Maquette is an important work of art because it tells a famous story of which many people were a part. It is deeper than the personal experience of Kenzie and Michael – he describes in detail the importance of communication in relationships and that it is okay to let go of relationships that players no longer have. Every inch of the world in which Maquette is placed tells a story and correctly visualizes the emotions felt by her characters.

    So to speak, it is Maquette puzzle igra with lots of quiet walking, self-reflection and deep storytelling. There is no action and its platforming cannot be compared to mobilitySuper Marioor other attractive platformers. Maquette is not a game for everyone, but for many it can be an essential game. Maquette chooses to be uncompromising in her vision and message, and as a result challenges players both mentally and emotionally, with an appropriate payout waiting for those willing to sink in a few hours to get there.

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