MIUI 13 arrives with the ability to create RAM memory

    Xiaomi is preparing a big presentation for August. So that's where it's going to present new products and also the MIUI 13 interface. In the meantime and although not all the details are known yet, there is some information that has reached the Internet. Is that the new MIUI 13 has a super function that allows you to expand the RAM memory in a virtual way. According to rumors it will be possible to upgrade to 3GB.

    MIUI 13 arrives with the ability to create RAM memory

    This virtual expansion will come in handy when the smartphone is low on RAM. Of course this is not the most important thing in the world for devices that have a lot of memory. However, those who don't will benefit greatly from this.

    But which devices will have access to this increased RAM memory in MIUI 13?

    According to some sources only devices with Snapdragon 888, 870 and 865 chipset are entitled to this function. But the point is that the equipment that integrates these processors is top notch. So they have a lot of memory and don't need any expansion. This proves that this function will soon reach many Xiaomi smartphones besides the ones mentioned above and this is great news.

    Other MIUI 13 innovations are the ability to play titles in floating windows, new desktop icons, animations and sounds.

    Where will the main MIUI 13 news be?

    This time they will be focused on interface. The information that circulates on the Internet speaks of new sources and also new wallpapers. However as I mentioned it will be possible to run games and applications in windowed mode.

    But after all, what is so special?

    There isn't much information about the new interface yet. What is known is that it will cover more models and that it will be faster. However, some images were released that reveal a set of changes.

    The screenshots show changes to the design and the file manager in particular.

    Furthermore, they reveal that the main page can be customized with many more elements. We also have more round and flat icons.

    Interestingly, we don't look all that different from Samsung. In fact, there even seems to be an inspiration in several interfaces ranging from the Samsung at Apple.

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