Microsoft Flight Simulator models Paris in a stunning way

    In its update 4, Flight Simulator pays homage to France. The flight simulation game powered by Microsoft Azure servers and the know-how of Asobo Studio has dedicated its improvements to an even sharper reconstruction of France and especially of Paris, which benefits from the most faithful 3D reconstruction. possible.

    The whole capital and the monuments were scanned in 3D to integrate Flight Simulator

    The whole capital and the monuments were scanned in 3D to integrate Flight Simulator // Source: Microsoft / Asobo Studio

    Microsoft Flight Simulator was already a breathtaking game with its reconstruction of the planet to fly over. Over the course of the updates, the teams from Asobo Studio, the game's creator, are tweaking the world around us in detail after detail to make it even more realistic. ” It's the project of a lifetime “, Loose Martial Bossard, producer of the game.” The game we are trying to make necessarily evolves over time. It is an endless calendar that awaits us. After each update, visual improvement, we will come back to refine the details. We know it. “

    And it must be said that update 4 which is deployed from this Tuesday evening brings its share of new features and improvements, to the delight of French virtual pilots. Because it is mainly dedicated to fine-tuning French landscapes, as well as those of the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg). And you will be amazed!

    France seen from the sky like never before

    “As with all of Flight Simulator, we used all the techniques available to improve the world and provide the most immersive experience possible”, explains David Dedeine, Creative Director at Asobo Studio. “It is important to offer the most realistic possible navigation points for finding your way in the sky and for visual navigation. And then, it's also a pleasure to marvel at the world. “

    In total, more than a hundred buildings appear in their true form and more procedurally, as Microsoft's AI was able to do at the launch of the game for many locations. They were modeled in 3D more realistically and accurately. A huge gain, especially for monuments that are no longer just “inflated” satellite photos to give volume. They are here as we know them.

    In France, you can fly over the Citadel of Lille, the bridges of Normandy or Saint-Nazaire, the Millau viaduct, but also the cliffs of Étretat, the Pic du Midi, the Château d'If or the Royal Saltworks. of Arc-et-Senans. Even the famous Fort Boyard, whose first French players criticized the “flattened relief” like a satellite image, this time has the right to a faithful and majestic reproduction.

    Fort Boyard

    Fort Boyard // Source: Microsoft / Asobo Studio

    The Mont-Blanc or the Pic du Midi can also be approached. This time, no more mountainous summits that are a little too rounded, as if you were lost above the volcanoes of Auvergne. Thanks to machine learning and the addition of data, combined with the work of artists to refine the details, Flight Simulator manages to give thanks to the Alps and the Pyrenees with a real rugged relief, almost to scale. “We used several technologies to recreate the beauty of theEarth ”, details Martial Bossard. “We are bringing new and improved data including a digital elevation map and photogrammetry in some places, such as Paris. Microsoft bought these images that come from planes that fly over places and sort of 3D scan. This brings a finesse to the reconstruction. ”

    An astonishing before / after of Flight Simulator France

    Paris larger than life

    And with this update 4, it is Paris that comes out visually enhanced. “The whole capital was scanned by photogrammetry. The buildings are exact, the monuments too, ” enthuses David Dedeine. “Then artists work on the details so that the Eiffel Tower looks even more real with its specific architectural elements. But it is there in relief, with its elements. Beaubourg also benefits. If you find your building, you will practically be able to see your window in the game! “

    In the game, we discover the Grand Palais or even the Place de l'Étoile and the Arc de Triomphe more realistic than ever, all refined “by hand”. The banks of the Seine, Notre-Dame de Paris, which appears breathtaking in its pre-fire chandelier, or the Sacré-Coeur give another glimpse of the City of Light. Do not look for the inner suburbs, however. Only the capital benefits from high definition 3D processing, and part of La Défense. The rest of the neighboring towns have still been visually improved.

    Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Paris

    Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Paris // Source: Microsoft / Asobo Studio

    Paris therefore takes advantage of a highlight to make you forget the first vision a little flat of the city. Amsterdam also benefits from a photogrammetry treatment in this update which also breathes new life into the landscapes of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

    Nice-Côte d'Azur Airport is the other hotspot in France that has been favored by updating and which has been modeled by hand, along with those of Rotterdam and Geneva. The fidelity of the runways, the takeoff and landing logic of the aircraft, the names and taxiways have been respected to bring even more realism. Three places that “offer a very specific approach by plane” And which deserved to be refined, explains Martial Bossard. Landings by the coast, in the middle of the mountains or with a smaller space are yours. Around 100 other airports around the world are also benefiting from visual and logistical improvements.

    The update of Microsoft Flight Simulator is already available for all PC gamers. However, the upcoming arrival of a console version is still a mystery. Too bad for Xbox gamers who cannot yet enjoy the visual wonders of the world designed by Asobo Studio and powered by the power of Azure servers. We simply know that it is only a matter of months – and undoubtedly technological – for all future pilots to benefit from it. In the meantime, the game continues to take advantage of the cloud to improve the weather and cartographic rendering of an increasingly ambitious game.

    Notre-Dame de Fourvière in Lyon in Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Notre-Dame de Fourvière in Lyon in Microsoft Flight Simulator // Source: Microsoft / Asobo Studio

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