iPhone with misaligned logo sold for $2,700

    The minting errors as overlaps, off-centers and misaligned, transform coins of little value into attractive collection pieces. Sometimes it also happens for other types of items produced in large batches, such as smartphones. The last case concerns an iPhone 11 Pro with an Apple logo not perfectly centered, which sold for about three times the standard cost.

    Estimates are one case every 100 million pieces, the Pro version of the iPhone 11 auctioned has a small defect almost imperceptible at first glance, but which in fact makes the specimen an almost unique case. The Apple logo is not only shifted slightly to the right from the center but it is also rotated a few degrees counterclockwise.

    It is possible to imagine that the error is due to an incorrect alignment of the rear panel in the molding phase. Usually, the (strict) quality controls rule out these imperfections, but this was not the case with this iPhone 11 Pro which came to the end of the assembly line, was boxed, shipped and then sold.

    The buyer noticed the mistake and decided to auction the iPhone 11 Pro for $2700 / 2300 euros at the current exchange rate. A good nest egg, but not exaggerated, considering that the full price of the model at its debut in the US was 999 dollars / 840 euros and that today it can be found online, new, even at around 800 dollars / 670 euros.

    It is not utopian to think that over the years the value of this specimen may rise significantly, especially if it will be preserved in an impeccable way, so it was probably a bargain even for those who won the auction. Recently, very high sums have been reached for unique tech pieces like the console prototype Nintendo Playstation sold at 315,000 euros or for the very rare specimens still in excellent condition Apple I which can sometimes reach a million.

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