iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro: which one to choose?

Announced Tuesday evening, the new iPhone 13 are in pre-orders on account of this Friday. Four models, three sizes and many possibilities for the most curious, amateurs of practicality or photos. Not sure which one is right for you? We help you choose by reviewing their differences.

From left to right: iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini

From left to right: iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini // Source: Apple

Apple unveiled its new iPhone 13 on Tuesday. Four new devices with many common points (5G, Wifi 6, NFC, the A15 chip, Double Sim including eSim, IP68 certification, etc.), but also differences that may influence your choice at the time of purchase while the pre-orders begin this Friday. Large screen, small footprint, premium color, emphasis on the photo or on the right size-power compromise… The iPhone 13 can appeal to all profiles. You still have to know where to place the cursor.

Design: same, but not quite

If the iPhone 13 all use the straight-edged design introduced last year with l’iPhone 12, there are nevertheless design differences between the two Pro and non-Pro families.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini have aluminum contours while the iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max rely on stainless steel for more premium straight edges.

Note that the notch housing the TrueDepth camera has been reduced by 20% for all iPhones.

The dimensions of iPhone 13:

  • iPhone 13 mini : 131,5 x 64,2 x 7,65 mm (140 g)
  • iPhone 13 : 146,7 x 71,5 x 7,65 mm (173 g)
  • iPhone 13 Pro : 146,7 x 71,5 x 7,65 mm (203 g)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max : 160,8 x 78,1 x 7,65 mm (238 g)

Screen: 120 Hz for the most ambitious

The iPhone 13s come in three screen sizes, all Super Retina XDR with the reinforced Ceramic Shield screen on the front to be more resistant:

  • iPhone 13 mini: 5.4 inches (2340 x 1080 pixels at 476 ppi)
  • iPhone 13: 6.1 inches (2,532 x 1,170 pixels at 460 ppi)
  • iPhone 13 Pro: 6.1 inches (2,532 x 1,170 pixels at 460 ppi)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 6.7 inches (2,778 x 1,284 pixels at 458 ppi)

The main difference between the ranges is felt in the refresh rate. The Pro models finally inherit this year from ProMotion, a display technology already present on the iPad Pro which makes navigation, mobile gaming, etc. more fluid. In addition, the refresh rate is adaptive and can go from 10 to 120 Hz depending on your activity on the smartphone. The iPhone 13 and 13 mini will still have to wait.

The iPhone 13 screen is brighter

The iPhone 13 screen is brighter // Source: Apple

The screen is brighter on all models. Maximum brightness is 800 nits on the iPhone 13/13 mini and 1000 nits on the iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max. And the peak brightness in HDR can reach 1200 nits for all.

Camera: the big leap forward

Apple has revised its photo sensors which are now larger. This will bring more light (up to 92% more light for the ultra wide-angle) and therefore a better rendering, especially in low light where the iPhone 13 promises an even more qualitative Night mode.

All iPhone cameras this year welcome Smart HDR 4, Photographic Styles (presets to apply with adjustments for tone and warmth, with customizations possible), Cinematic Mode (auto or manual focus that toggles between foreground and background during recording or after as desired – for wide-angle, telephoto and TrueDepth cameras). All four iPhones support Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG in video, for shooting, editing and viewing.

Cinematic mode is coming to all iPhone 13s

Cinematic mode is coming to all iPhone 13s // Source: Apple

iPhone 13/13 mini

The camera of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini has been revised. The two sensors are now arranged diagonally, because the main sensor has stabilization by moving the sensor and no longer the lens and therefore needed space. While there was only the iPhone 12 Pro Max last year, all the main sensors in the range now benefit (accelerated recording mode with stabilization).

  • Grand-angle 12 Mpx (f/1,6)
  • 12 MP ultra wide-angle (f / 2.4) with 2x optical zoom
  • 12 MP TrueDepth front camera

And this year, HDR recording in Dolby Vision can be done up to 4K at 60 frames per second on the iPhone 13 and 13 mini as on the Pro range.

The new photosensors of the iPhone 13 Pro

The new iPhone 13 Pro photo sensors // Source: Apple

iPhone 13 Pro

This year, Apple no longer makes functional differences between its two Pro models in terms of photo and video. The novelty also comes from the arrival of the macro photo on the ultra wide-angle which can take photos up to 2 cm from the subject and even film in macro (in slow motion and in accelerated too). Thanks to the presence of the LiDAR scanner on the PRO range, the camera can use the Portraits function in night mode.

  • 77mm 12MP telephoto lens (f / 2.8) with 3x optical zoom
  • Grand-angle 12 Mpx (f/1,5)
  • 12MP ultra wide-angle (f / 1.8) with 120 ° field of view
  • Scanner LiDAR
  • 12 MP TrueDepth Camera

The cameras of the Pro range have additional modes such as Portrait in night mode, Apple ProRAW and soon ProRes for video with front and rear cameras (recording up to 4K / 30 fps – 1080p / 30 fps for 128 GB of storage).

For video, the rear camera has a 2x optical zoom and there is a 3x optical zoom on the front (digital zoom up to 15x).

Audio zoom is present on all devices.

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Processor: the powerful A15 chip matched

While all the iPhone 13s feature the new, more powerful A15 chip, there are design differences, and therefore of slight efficiency, to be noted.

  • iPhone 13/iPhone 13 mini :
    • 6-core CPU with 2 performance cores and 4 energy-efficient cores
    • 4-core GPU
    • Neural Engine 16
  • iPhone 13 Pro/iPhone 13 Pro Max :
    • 6-core CPU with 2 performance cores and 4 energy-efficient cores
    • 5-core GPU
    • Neural Engine 16
The Star Wars Hunters mobile game on iPhone 13

The Star Wars Hunters mobile game on iPhone 13 runs easily thanks to the A15 chip // Source: Apple – LucasFilm Games – Zynga

In terms of functional novelties, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini now also support dual eSIMs like the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

Autonomy: best at two speeds

Apple has announced that it has revised the architecture of its iPhone 13, in particular to place a larger battery. The iPhone 13 mini has gained 1.5 hours compared to l’iPhone 12 mini. This will undoubtedly remain a bit light for heavy smartphone users, but it is a welcome improvement, even if the iPhone 12 mini was far from being the donkey cap of high-end smartphone models.

Apple announces up to 5 p.m. in video playback (and 7 p.m. for the iPhone 13) against 3 p.m. last year. The iPhone 13 also improves with more than 2 hours of profit promised when the iPhone 13 Pro, which benefited from a better battery than its cronies, grabs an hour more on the clock.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max adds up to 2.5 hours of battery life to l’iPhone 12 Pro Max to advertise up to 28 hours of video playback and 25 hours of streaming. Given the leap made in recent years by the Apple brand in terms of autonomy, we should be able to expect a little less than two days in use before having to recharge. The iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max can count on fast charging (up to 50% charge in 30 minutes with a 20W or more adapter – which hasn’t been in the box since last year).

All four iPhones are compatible with MagSafe accessories (15W) and wireless chargers.

Colors: fun or premium

The iPhone 13 and 13 mini come in Starlight, Midnight, Blue, Pink, and (PRODUCT) Red.

Here are all the colors of iPhone 13

Here are all the colors of iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are available in Alpine Blue, Gold, Graphite and Silver.

The colors of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

The colors of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max // Source: Apple

Storage: up to 1TB for those who want a max

The iPhone 13/13 mini are available in 128, 256 and 512 GB of storage

IPhone 13 Pro / 13 Pro Max add storage up to 1TB to 128, 256 and 512GB versions.

IPhone 13 pricing and availability

All four devices are available for pre-orders this Friday, September 17, and they will go on sale September 24. Starting prices are the same as last year as storage has doubled on the iPhone 13 and 13 mini compared to their predecessor. Note the appearance of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max with 1 TB of storage which necessarily increases the bill (1739 euros and 1839 euros respectively).

  • iPhone 13 mini: from 809 euros

  • iPhone 13: from 909 euros
  • iPhone 13 Pro: from 1159 euros
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: from 1259 euros

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