iPhone 13: design, photo, availability, price, release date … update on rumors

    A few months before its official release, the iPhone 13 is already talking about him. After a revival in 2020, what does the next vintage of the smartphone to the apple prepare for us? We take a look at the rumors, more or less credible, which are already circulating on the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Prox Max.

    This is what the future iPhone 13 mini could look like.

    3D render of iPhone 13 mini by EverythingApplePro. // Source: EverythingApplePro

    It is undoubtedly one of the smartphones that arouse the most fantasies and arouse curiosity. The iPhone 13 is talked about a lot and shakes the most fertile imaginations, as with each iteration.

    The iPhone 12 range barely inducted last fall, it was already time to discuss the arrival of the next iPhone, based more or less on the unfulfilled expectations of the newcomer. For months, rumors have therefore been rife around the next model. We make a first point on what we could expect from the iPhone 2021, with the precautions of setting.

    Rumors about the iPhone 13 in video

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    iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s?

    With the move from iPhone 11 to iPhone 12, the first “codename” of the next smartphone to the apple naturally became iPhone 13. Except that the change in numbering at Apple generally corresponds to a change in design and it does not seem to take the path for the next variation which would resemble the last. So the iPhone could well be named iPhone 12s, meaning that the bulk of the change – but not the revolution so far – is under the hood more than on the chassis.

    For this article, we have opted for the most common name whispered, iPhone 13, but this is the first point on which there is already uncertainty. If this is the case, it is expected that the range will again be available in 4 models:

    • iPhone 13 mini
    • iPhone 13
    • iPhone 13 Pro
    • iPhone 13 Pro Max

    IPhone 13 design: take the same one and start over

    To believe the various rumors, we wouldn't change a winning design. L’iPhone 12 with its straight edges in the tradition of the iPad Pro has hit the mark. The smartphone is a success and we must admit that we were quite seduced by its “square” side.

    Despite the announcements of a relative flop of l’iPhone 12 mini and a possible abandonment, the iPhone 2021 would still arrive in four formats, including two Pro versions and three screen sizes from 5.4 to 6.7 inches. Oled screens that should be signed Samsung Display. However, there is a risk that the number of devices at launch will be further restricted due to supply issues in factories and therefore design issues that may cause some further shortages.

    On the other hand, the notch on the front, housing the TrueDepth camera, would see finally its size is reduced, but without sacrificing Face ID for facial recognition and unlocking. But no abandonment of the Lightning port for charging yet, Apple would still not opt ​​for USB-C.

    The TrueDepth camera of the latest iPhones

    The TrueDepth camera of the latest iPhones // Source: Apple

    The return of Touch ID is also whispered. Apple would test a fingerprint sensor under the screen, but it should instead make its appearance in 2022 when the brand decides to abandon TrueDepth.

    The novelty would finally be found on the side of the refresh rate finally brought to 120 Hz for the iPhone Pro. On the Apple Park side, we do not rush on this technology similar to the ProMotion of iPad Pro, but that the firm is not sure of properly mastering the management of the battery.

    The iPhone 13 should be offered in different colors, including the usual variations: space gray and silver. The iPhone and iPhone mini ranges will most likely be entitled to more fun colors while a color of the year (purple like the last iPhone or yellow?) will certainly make its appearance.

    Camera: overweight for a good cause

    The camera could be redesigned without actually being. Not on the bottom with still two wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle sensors on the iPhone and iPhone mini, three sensors on the iPhone Pro (with the telephoto lens as a bonus), but the LiDAR sensor would appear on the whole range and more only on the most advanced.

    In terms of design, the photo module would take a little thickness due to the presence of a larger main sensor. Enough to further improve low-light renderings, especially for the very popular night portrait mode which already benefits from LiDAR. The aperture would go to f / 1.6 on the wide-angle and to f / 1.8 (against f / 2.4) on the ultra-wide-angle, which would also gain an additional room to better reduce distortions. We also mention the addition of autofocus for the ultra wide angle.

    iPhone 13 Pro Max et iPhone 13 mini

    Render iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 mini // Source: EverythingApplePro

    And on the design side, there would also be some changes to be expected. According to several rumors, the main sensors of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini could both benefit from the optical image stabilizer directly on the sensor and no longer on the photo module, as was the case on the iPhone 12 Pro. This might explain the planned repositioning of the two lenses diagonally to better space them. But this would serve above all to upgrade all iPhones in terms of photography with, without a doubt, more significant advances on the Pro models as was the case with the arrival of the Apple ProRAW mode on the iPhone 12 Pro. Max.

    The dimensions of the iPhone 13 Pro max would be larger than the iPhone 12 Pro max.

    The dimensions that the iPhone 13 Pro max could have according to EverythingApplePro // Source: EverythingApplePro

    The EverythingApplePro leaker had fun creating renderings based on the first leaks and deduced that the iPhone 13 Pro Max's photo module would not only be thicker, but also wider than the current one due to a larger LiDAR sensor.

    Processor: little surprise to expect for the iPhone 13

    Inside, unsurprisingly, we should find the A15 chip engraved in 5 nm to succeed the A14 Bionic chip. As we can imagine, it will be much more powerful, much faster. But no M1 chip inside so far, that of MacBook, iPad Pro and other iMac. We know that from the point of view of architecture and performance, it will very probably not be ashamed. RAM side to accompany, if Apple has started to give figures for the iPad Pro M1, the mystery remains for the iPhone before disassembly.

    When next WWDC conference starting June 7, we will know a little more of what iOS 15 will be made of. One way to already envisage the next improvements of the iPhone 2021. We expect a redesign of the notification system with more parameters, a more fluid and intuitive control center, in particular to manage the connected objects of the house or the beacons. AirTags so you no longer lose your belongings, as well as a revamped unlocking system. Accessibility will also be at the heart of the functional novelties with VoiceOver on photos or more personalized Shortcuts.

    Storage: eyes bigger than stomach

    Apple has decided to see everything bigger and in particular in photos. Between the multiplication of pictures taken, the formats of photos and videos in 4K or soon 8K too, therefore increasingly large sizes, it is becoming important to have space. The next iPhones (probably the Pro ranges only) could then have up to 1 TB of storage.

    Managing filters on an iPhone 12 Pro

    Managing filters on an iPhone 12 Pro // Source: Apple

    Connection: best for 5G and Wi-Fi 6

    The iPhone 12 benefited from 5G, but not from millimeter waves (mmWave) in France due to the lack of compatible antennas. The next version sold in France would go further than conventional 5G and would finally be compatible with the 26 GHz frequency bands. It's a safe bet that we will see an additional antenna appear on the right side of iPhones sold in France in the fall.

    As far as Wi-Fi is concerned, something new is also to be expected. Apple smartphones have supported Wi-Fi for two generations. They could go even further by offering Wi-Fi 6E, the “extended” version of Wi-Fi 6. It promises in particular better network performance by attacking the 6 GHz frequency band, and the possibility of supporting more simultaneous users or objects. And in particular better management of augmented reality so dear to Apple …

    Autonomy: increasing (but it's not hard)

    This is often the weak point of iPhones, even if Apple has been able to correct it for several years. It is rumored that Tim Cook and his family would make an effort to increase the battery of future devices. But we know that it is the optimization of component management that is Apple's strength and it is undoubtedly on this side that we will have to find an explanation for the extended lifespan of the iPhone.

    Apple's MagSafe charger

    Apple's MagSafe charger // Source: Frandroid / Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS

    The technology MagSafe for magnetic wireless charging will also be back, but this is not really a surprise as the reception has been rather positive. However, do not expect to see Apple ramp up and offer more than the current 15W.

    According to rumors of Chinese certification, the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro would be equipped with a 3095 mAh battery (against 2815 mAh on the iPhone 12 generation), the iPhone 13 Pro Max would rise to 4352 mAh (against 3687 mAh on the iPhone 12 Pro Max) and the iPhone 13 mini would benefit from a 2406 mAh accumulator (against 2227 mAh on the 12 mini). Be careful, this increase in capacity will not necessarily translate into an increase in autonomy if the components use more energy, especially with a 120 Hz screen.

    What price to expect for the iPhone 13?

    In terms of the invoice, there are not really miracles to be expected, except for a fluctuation of the dollar favorable to the euro. We should have a price range close to that of 2020 with an iPhone 13 mini starting from 800 euros, the iPhone 13 from 909 euros and Pro models blithely exceeding 1000 euros with peaks at more than 1200 euros for the ‘iPhone 13 Pro.

    As an example, here is a reminder of the prices of the iPhone 12 range:

    • iPhone 12 mini: from 809 to 979 euros depending on storage;
    • iPhone 12: from 909 to 1079 euros depending on storage;
    • iPhone 12 Pro: from 1159 to 1509 euros depending on storage;
    • iPhone 12 Pro Max: from 1259 to 1609 euros depending on storage.

    What release date for the iPhone 13?

    This is undoubtedly the point which suggests the least divination. IPhones usually show up in early September. The Covid crisis is still present, but better managed, Apple could resume its good habits with a conference around Tuesday, September 7 for a release around September 17. All this on the condition that the shortage of components does not act as a spoiler …

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