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    Are you looking for an internet box at a reduced price? If you want to change your ISP, here is a limited series that cannot be refused.

    Internet boxes are products that seem difficult to understand on the surface. Changing your internet box (and TV box) is actually very easy, and it can save you a lot of money. ISPs take advantage of this (false) fear to over-charge subscriptions without worrying about cancellations. Right now, there are some super good deals to grab hold of.

    The most attractive offer is that of SFR. The internet service provider has unveiled its best offer on the SFR Fiber internet box in recent years. It's a good way to pay for fiber for just $ 10 a month. No other operator offers such a competitive price. And when you know the quality of your network, you can really go for it without any worries.

    See the SFR offer

    From a value for money point of view, this SFR internet box is a real gem. By way of comparison, this formula (which we will detail below) costs 38 euros per month by default. In other words, it costs you 75% less – over the first year. As always, the price goes up after a year. But over these first 12 months, you therefore have a saving of 336 euros.

    The content of this internet box

    SFR has made its range easier in recent years to keep only two different formulas. On the one hand, there is the SFR Fiber formula which is the most affordable and the most popular. On the other hand, there is the SFR Fiber Power version which is more powerful, but more expensive. This is the first one that is at a reduced price for this Limited Series offer.

    As part of this special offer, you have an internet box with fiber and very high speed (500 Mb / s downloading and 50 Mb / s sending), with all unlimited calls to landlines and 160 channels for 10 euros per month. This formula also includes a TV box which allows you to access all of these channels. You can also access it from the SFR TV application on computer, tablet and mobile.

    To discover the Limited Series, it's here:

    See the SFR offer

    When we know that this offer is normally 38 euros per month, this offer on the internet box is very nice. You therefore save 336 euros over the first year, which is a good start with it. It will be recalled that there is however a commitment for the customer, but this is only 12 months. Once the price returns to normal, you can choose to cancel without any problem.

    SFR is still making real efforts on its internet box. If you currently have a subscription with the competition, the operator offers a smooth migration. In this case, it will cover up to 100 euros on your cancellation fees. Knowing that the fees are always lower than 100 euros (if you are with a French competitor), this guarantees you a cost-free transition.

    A Fiber offer at the ADSL rate

    The first thing to do when you subscribe to fiber with SFR is to check your eligibility. When you take an internet box from any ISP, you have to see if your home is connected to fiber or if you have to settle for ADSL. At the moment, fiber and ADSL at SFR are at the same price: 10 euros per month (an equivalent offer is displayed on ADSL). But beware, the ADSL speed is much lower, so you have every interest in taking fiber.

    Once you have opted for fiber, you must choose your internet box on the SFR site. You have the choice between two offers. From a value for money point of view, the limited series on the SFR Fiber box is the most attractive. The additional discount makes it simply unbeatable, whether internally or vis-à-vis the competition.

    If you want to increase the speed of your internet box, you have two solutions: either opt for a box 8 (which is a router and a more powerful TV box), or opt for the SFR Fiber Power formula. And you can even combine the two to get the maximum speeds. However, at the price level, it is much more expensive.

    When we know that SFR's most popular internet box is the discount one, it is better to take advantage of it. You can easily save several hundred dollars in savings in the first year, it's worth it. Neither Orange with its Livebox, nor Bouygues Telecom with its Bboxes have aligned themselves with this offer. SFR is really very aggressive on the offers, you have a real chance to seize.

    We will nevertheless also recall the end date of this offer: this Sunday, June 13. In other words, if you want to take advantage of it, it will be better to hurry to be on time. Note that the whole procedure can be managed online. If you need assistance, you can contact the advisors in the operator's physical stores for assistance.

    To see the SFR internet box offer, it's here:

    See the SFR offer

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    Internet box: fiber at 10 euros, an offer impossible to refuse 🔥 | Geek's Journal

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