Intel Alder Lake-S: Debut already in Q3 2021?

    We recently witnessed the premiere of Intel Rocket Lake processors, but it will not be remembered as one of the most important in the history of Blue. The circuits themselves are a bit disappointing in many respects, despite the new architecture. Due to the still old 14nm technological process and, in fact, not too much increase in performance, most consumers are unlikely to be interested in Rocket Lakes, because in the second half of the year we will be slowly looking at Intel's new generation chips. The new 10 nm lithography, revolutionary hybrid construction, DDR 5 memory support and the announced huge increase in IPC herald very interesting systems. Initially, we thought that the manufacturer would present them at the end of the year, but the latest leaks give hope that we will get to know Intel Alder Lakes much earlier.

    It looks like the leading Intel Alder Lake-S units in the 8 + 8 configuration will hit the market already in week 35 of this year. The model in the configuration 6 + 0 is to make its debut in week 41, i.e. a bit later.

    Intel Alder Lake-S - debut of processors possible already in Q3 2021? Leaked slides from a closed conference [1]

    Intel Alder Lake – new information on the construction of Alder Lake-S, Alder Lake-P and Alder Lake-M processors

    A photo from a closed conference, which was organized for Intel partners or distributors, has just been released to the network. The photo shows the publishing plan of processors for this year. Note that the slide does not specifically refer to the consumer Intel Core series, but rather to Alder Lake-S chips in general, which also include workstation models. We see a mention of the W680 chipset, which confirms the show's emphasis on this very category of processors. The most important information, however, is that the leading units in the 8 + 8 configuration (large and small cores) will hit the market already in week 35 of this year. Interestingly, the model in the 6 + 0 configuration (without small cores) is to make its debut in week 41, a bit later.

    Intel Alder Lake-S - debut of processors possible already in Q3 2021? Leaked slides from a closed conference [2]

    Intel Alder Lake-S – new information about the 12th generation Core systems leaked. The manufacturer announces a 20% increase in IPC performance

    The slide confirms that the Intel Alder Lake-S series will include TDP 125, 65 and 35 W chips with 20 PCIe lanes, and the platform itself will be equipped with the LGA 1700 socket. So are the upcoming Intel processors to debut earlier than we thought? Well, we have to take into account that the date of the conference where the above photograph was taken is unknown. It is also puzzling that the Intel Rocket Lake series, according to the schedule, was to debut in 2020. So you have to approach these revelations with a distance.

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