How to do spring cleaning on your smartphone

    Android or iPhone: five tips to refurbish your smartphone both inside and out

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    Spring 2021 has now blossomed and after that at home it's time for a good cleaning even to our most important gadget that is the smartphone. Here it is five steps to check that it is optimized at best and to relieve it of all that is not needed.

    Make a full backup

    Backing up means securing the data contained on your smartphone such as photos, documents, but also the favorites list and passwords. A necessary step not only to not lose anything, but also to remove a lot of ballast (see points two and three).

    On Android: System> Backup> Choose service;

    On iPhone: Settings> iCloud> iCloud Backup

    You can rely on various services such as Google Drive for Android and iCloud for Apple, but the alternatives are many.

    Limit the amount of files in memory

    After making the backup you can delete all heavy photo and video archive on local storage, limiting oneself to those (few) images and videos that one prefers to have available even without an active connection to the network. Lightening your memory will give you immediate benefit.

    Delete apps and useless data

    Apps take away resources in terms of storage and ram, so it's best to hold on to only the ones you really need. You can proceed manually by scrolling through the list and wondering at each item if it is worth it or not and delete the dead weights: from Android by holding down the icon> Uninstall, from iPhone on Delete app. With iPhone, you can also set up automatic deletion from Settings> iTunes Store and App Store> Remove apps you don't use.

    Side files and data that just take up space and weigh down the system, you can take advantage of free apps that scan and thus delete caches, duplicates or unnecessary documents. For example CCleaner for Android (or the stock file manager) or Clean Doctor – Clean Storage+ your iPhone.

    Check for system and app updates

    Keep your smartphone up to date the latest version is always recommended to protect yourself from cyber dangers and to optimize performance and consumption. If you have skipped any updates, you can proceed with the battery charged, after completing the backup (see first point) and remaining connected to the current and wi-fi:

    – From Android: Settings> System and updates> Software update;

    – From iPhone: Settings> General> Software Update.

    For applications, after thinning them (see third point):

    – From Android: Google Play> Hamburger menu> My apps and games> Updates;

    – From iPhone: App Store> Profile icon at the top.

    Physically clean the smartphone

    The necessary cleaning is not only the digital one, but it is also and above all the physical one, especially in times of Covid-19. For this reason it is possible to sanitize the gadget with the DIY with accessories and special products such as vi we have told in depth or by contacting a specialized center.

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