GTA 6 will support Bitcoin payments

    One of the most anticipated games of recent years is, without a doubt, GTA 6. The new action title from Rockstar Games insists on not being made official, but gradually we are noticing the news that it will implement.

    The latest news comes from the known leaker Tom Henderson and gives an account of an adaptation to modern times in GTA 6. He states that players will be able to receive Bitcoin payments for certain missions.

    Just so there's no confusion, I mean in-game payments of bitcoin. These payments will come from the more higher up characters that needs to transfer high amounts of “untraceable cash and fast”.

    — Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) June 3, 2021

    GTA 6 will have rewards for paid missions in Bitcoin

    So there's no confusion, Henderson refers to payments or rewards in the context of the GTA 6 action. In other words, Bitcoin will become one of the game's currencies, in addition to the usual virtual currency that users receive after completing certain missions.

    Apparently, the virtual payments in Bitcoin will be made after the completion of some personal missions. It will not be the payment rule in the game, but rather a special reward for special missions.

    The adoption of Bitcoin as virtual currency in GTA 6 is yet another sign of the follow-up to reality by Rockstar Games' next game. It will be the bargaining chip for some high profile characters who will be part of the next game's cast.

    Tom Henderson believes that Bitcoin rewards can be used as a bargaining chip with some characters in the game. It will be requested by those who want a quick and untraceable transfer of funds.

    The inclusion of Bitcoin in the action of GTA 6 will be beneficial to both parties. For the game, it will be an attempt to simulate reality and, whether we like it or not, cryptocurrencies are already part of the investment portfolio of many individuals.

    For Bitcoin, it is another advertising channel for the most well-known cryptocurrency in the world. It would not be surprising if this made the currency's price rise even more in the respective markets.

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