Google Photos will be able to turn repeated photos into videos

    At Google I/O the company presented some news for Google Photos, related to privacy, but also to the way we use the application.

    Google Photos is one of the most used applications within the Google ecosystem, perhaps because it was completely free until now. At Google I/O the company presented some news for Google Photos, related to privacy, but also to the way we use the application.

    If you have a lot of catches of screen and documents stored in the cloud, one of Lens’s best features is coming to the web to make the experience that much better.

    Google Photos will include an encrypted folder that can only be accessed via idigital printing and new features should also be added that will arrive in the coming weeks.

    Convert photos to videos in Google Photos

    The main novelty is a new suggestion to use the repeated photos we have of our children or pets, for example, to create videos.

    For this, Google Photos will analyze the images and create videos that will give the sensation of movement necessary to enhance our records.

    To this novelty, you can add others. We can create new collections by identifying objects in images. The artificial intelligence behind Google Photos will be able to select images that have shapes, colors, or other elements in common and group them into collections or memories. And speaking of memories, the application will be able to better organize the photos of certain events, even if we have not specified that they are related. All of this will arrive throughout the year, but we do not know whether it will be paid resources or free resources.

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