Google Maps just got a super new feature to help you!

    Google Maps is an application where the route model is always evolving. At the beginning of the year, it underwent several changes that somehow are in line with what is happening in the car market. For example, Google Maps no longer suggests the fastest route to a specific destination but indicates the one with the smallest carbon footprint. So Google wants to help conductors to reduce fuel consumption. That said, set up Google Maps to provide more routes efficient is a way to do it. But now there is one more super-new feature that Google Maps has just received.

    Google Maps just got a super new feature to help you!

    This time it's a function that allows Google Maps to determine when the conductors are braking hard, which usually means a greater chance of a collision. It then provides alternative routes that are supposed to be safer.

    But why is this such an important update for Google Maps and its users?

    If a car on the road slows down abruptly, the conductor of the vehicle behind you need to act fast and press hard on the brakes. This forces the next one to do the same thing. Therefore, the probability of an accident increases substantially. Especially if this happens at high speeds.

    Equipping Google Maps with functions to determine the routes where drivers are most likely to brake heavily should substantially improve safety on public roads.

    Google Maps receive

    Before Google Maps can provide drivers with safer routes, the application first needs to determine where drivers are on the roads most likely to brake. For this, the company uses data from drivers who use Google Maps. Sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers help determine when this occurs.

    Of course, you can't just trust these sensors. So there are many reasons for us to stop. This is where artificial intelligence enters. An analysis is made that includes several factors and thanks to it Google knows exactly what happened. Furthermore, it crosses that data with that of other drivers on the same road.

    This new feature will be available for both Android and iPhone.

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