Google Chrome will automatically change the display of websites on your smartphone

Google is working on an option to automatically display certain desktop version websites in the Android version of Chrome.

Google Chrome Desktop View on Android

Google Chrome’s Desktop display on Android // Source: Frandroid

On Android, Google Chrome has long been used to modify the display of websites. To do this, the browser offers a simple checkbox in the options to display the “Computer version”. However, this setting was until now necessarily optional and the pages necessarily opened, initially, in mobile version.

This state of affairs will change in the near future as indicated by Google in the Chromium repository, as noted by the MSPowerUser site. The editor of Chrome is indeed working to integrate an option to open, by default, certain sites with the PC version and not the one designed specifically for smartphones. “Google has confirmed that it is working on modifying the functionality to allow users to open specific sites in desktop version. This change should happen in a future update ”, says MSPowerUser.

A function proposed for the hour only in the Canary version

This functionality will initially be planned for the version Canary de Google Chrome, one of the alpha versions of the browser. It will also require the activation of a flag in the settings of Google Chrome. Baptized « Global setting to request desktop site on Android » (global setting to request the desktop version on Android), this flag will automatically activate the desktop version of a site simply by going to the browser’s site settings. Also, as MSPowerUser indicates, enabling this option will not remove the checkbox to switch from the mobile to the desktop version of the website. Simply, this box will now be checked by default for the sites for which you have requested it.

Concretely, this option could be particularly useful to the developers of Internet sites in order to ensure possible problems on the desktop version of their Internet site. It could also find use among some users who would prefer to browse on the computer version of a web page rather than on its mobile version.

However, you will still have to wait to be able to enjoy it on your smartphone. For now, the option is only offered in Chrome Canary and not in the finalized version of the browser.

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