Goodbye LG Smartphone: The 12 Most Loved Models

    From U900 to Wing, a gallery of mobile phones that have innovated or risked an unusual design, but which failed to survive the mobile segment of the Korean brand

    It is the day of farewell to Lg smartphones : the Korean giant has announced the expected decision to exit the mobile market, closing the division whose indices were constantly negative and at a loss. A necessary move is to cut a dead branch to focus on other fruitful sectors, which will certainly leave a small void since the Asian brand has never been afraid to innovate , we have chosen twelve models that tell a story – unfortunately – not happy end, with the emblematic design of the rollable smartphone that will never be produced.

    LG U900 aka Tivufonino

    (Photo: Lg)

    The first smartphone with a rotating screen was released 15 years ago and was better known as Tivufonino: Lg U900 mounted the digital terrestrial receiver to take advantage of the H3g branded service. It did not help make smartphone-sized TV take off.

    Lg Chocolate

    lg chocolate
    (Photo: Lg)

    Also known as Kg800, Lg Chocolate relied on a slider body, pocket size and eye-catching colors. A great success of 2006 also thanks to the predisposition to multimedia.

    Lg Shine

    (Photo: Lg)

    In 2007, the seductive Lg Shine appeared that seemed forged in metal. Slider like Chocolate, hid the display in a shiny and striking front.

    Lg Prada

    (Photo: Lg)

    Also in 2007, Lg Prada also made its debut with the first fruits of the capacitive touchscreen and the striking presence of the fashion brand.

    Lg Ks360 Tribe

    (Photo: Lg)

    Cheap and small but with a full qwerty keyboard and touchscreen, Lg Ks360 Tribe sold a lot in 2008 especially among younger users and already projected into a proto-social dimension devoted to instant messaging.

    Lg Crystal

    (Photo: Lg)

    The stylistic choice of Lg Crystal from 2009 is very particular, with the slider that freed a transparent but sensitive keyboard. There was also a touchscreen display.

    Lg Optimus 3D

    (Photo: Lg)

    In the era when it seemed that 3D was becoming a phenomenon destined to last, in 2011 Lg had taken the market on the pulse with Optimus 3D which offered many interesting ideas such as a dual core processor, the Android operating system and above all the three-dimensional screen usable without swimming goggles.

    Nexus 4 and 5

    (Photo: Google)

    Produced by Lg, but released with Google's glorious Nexus family, Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 were undisputed best-sellers of the 2012-2013 seasons with an essential design, a complete and handsome spec sheet and a popular selling price.

    Lg G Flex

    (Photo: Lg)

    The flexible screen of Lg G Flex was ahead of its time with a curved smartphone also equipped with special technology that self-repaired scratches. A year after its presentation it had become a best-buy thanks to top-of-the-range hardware and a price more than halved compared to the debut. The our review .

    Lg G2

    (Photo: Lg)

    Great commercial success for Lg G2 which brought a lot of quality at a more than accessible price: it was probably the moment in which the Koreans put their nose in front of the competition in the most evident way, but they failed to realize the advantage. The our review .

    Lg G5

    LG G5 Smart Edition
    (Photo: Lg)

    The last significant exponent of the G range, Lg G5 provided not only a solid and performing technical data sheet, but also a modular nature to expand the capabilities of the device with accessories to be applied to the main structure. The our review .

    Lg Wing

    (Photo: Lg)

    Lg's swan song is Wing, one of the most particular smartphones ever released with a “T” structure with the main display that can rotate 90 degrees, freeing the service screen below. Curiously, the design is very similar to the U900 which had opened the selection. The our review .

    What happens now? The mobile business will close on July 31, some smartphones could still be on sale for some time, while the owners of the models will have guaranteed assistance and, it is not known for how long, software and security updates.

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