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    old generation Android your phones We tried the solution that Google gave us in case the camera was insufficient. Redmi Note 7‘ye GCam (Google Camera) after we installed examination And we made a comparison. The images we took with the stock camera of the device and GCam We took a close look at what we shot with.

    On the other hand, GCam Exclusive to Pixel devices We have to point out that. Therefore, the application may not work smoothly on every Android device.

    Mid-range phones with the best camera

    We are here with the list of mid-range phones with the best cameras. We have compiled the models that attract attention with both their price and camera.

    The Google Camera we installed on Redmi Note 7 is under the spotlight

    Before looking at the details of the application setup We explained how to do it step by step. Then Google Camera usage details and the quality of the photos taken we looked. If you wish, let's leave you alone with the video without further ado.

    To download GCam:

    GCam (Google Camera)after installation examination for the first to the interface we looked. In the application with a simple to use interface; flash, Google AWB (White balance), quality and oran settings such as Also, GCam portrait and night vision as modes offers us.

    On the other hand GCam with compare stock camera We saw differences in the process. In particular, GCam shows colors more saturated, while Redmi Note 7 stock camera has faded images. At the same time, the details appeared to be clearer in the photos taken by GCam.

    on the front camera if Google Camera We see the difference again. You can review all the photos we compared in the video.

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